Thursday, September 29, 2022

Trodden the Winepress Alone (Isaiah 54-66)

Without Money & Without Price

READ Isaiah 55:1-3

What is Christ’s invitation to us, given the Atonement we’ve been talking about?

Come unto Me and be saved.

All are invited, regardless of how they’ve lived their lives; and all can be saved if they will do what is required – which does not require a “payment” but does require your love and commitment to Christ.

Why are Christ’s gifts “without money and without price?”

He doesn’t “charge” money or require us to pay the same sacrifice He did (unless we don’t repent – see D&C 19:17); what He requires is a sacrifice each of us CAN give – a broken heart and contrite spirit.

Immortality is entirely “free”.

It’s nothing we could afford anyway – we do not want to pay that eternal punishment and we couldn’t anyway – not in this life at least!

What must we do to be saved?

Incline your ear – hear – awake!  Obtain the knowledge needed to exercise saving faith (see LoF 3:2-5).

Come unto Christ in this life.

Covenant with Christ.


READ Isaiah 55:6-7

What else must we do to be saved?

Turn from Babylon to the Lord – the Two Ways are really just the opposite destinations on the same path.

It is not making it all the way back to perfection (the destination of the path) before you can be saved – through the Atonement, you can be “perfect in Christ” as soon as you turn to Him with full purpose of heart – “immediately shall the great plan of redemption be brought about unto you” (see Alma 34:31) regardless of how far on the path you still have to walk to make it to the ultimate destination.

What does it mean to “seek the Lord WHILE He may be found”?

This life is a probationary state – we have a limited time opportunity (see Alma 12:24).

And after this opportunity to find Christ is over, there is a “night of darkness” where no labor can be performed (see Alma 34:33).

Savior on Mount Zion

READ Isaiah 61:1-3

What is the Lord found doing today?

Preaching good tidings unto the meek.

Binding up the broken hearted.

Proclaiming liberty to the captives (sin, death, spirit prison, etc).

Comforting those that mourn.

Giving “beauty for ashes, the oil of joy… the garment of praise”.

He is still personally ministering to those who will receive Him – either unseen or seen. 


READ Isaiah 58:6-11

What must we do if we are to follow and worship our Master?

Loose bands of wickedness.

Undo heavy burdens.

Give bread to the hungry.

Clothe the naked.

In a phrase: “relieve the suffering of others”.

What blessings will we be given by acting as a “Savior on Mount Zion” to others?

Filled with light and glory.

Call to the Lord and He will come to you.

Redeem you from the yoke of bondage to sin and death.

Guide you continually.


READ Isaiah 56:3-8

What hope do these verses give to us ethnic “Gentiles”?

It’s not about the mortal lineage you were born into.

God is no respecter of persons – it’s about “taking hold of (His) covenant”.



He Comes In Red

READ Isaiah 64:1 and Isaiah 63:1-3 and Isaiah 66:15-16

How will the Lord appear when He comes in His glory?

Wearing red; dressed entirely in a red robe.

With fire and glory.

With His fiery or glorious entourage to destroy the wicked.


READ Isaiah 66:22-23 and Isaiah 60:19-21

What must those righteous that remain be able to do?

Abide in His glory, for it will be so bright it will drown out the light of the sun and moon.

Stand in His presence (“remain before me”).

You must have a portion of that light or glory within you; you must resonate at a high enough frequency to be able to withstand the glory of God and not be utterly wasted. 


READ Isaiah 55:8-11 and Isaiah 64:4

How much higher are God’s Ways than our ways?

No man can behold all His works unless they behold all His glory, and they can’t do that and remain on the earth (i.e. mortal; see Moses 1:5 and Jacob 4:8).

We cannot learn it all here on this earth (see Jacob 4:8 and TPJS 392:2).

We cannot begin to truly comprehend it here in mortality.


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