Sunday, September 25, 2022

Trodden the Winepress Alone (Isaiah 54-66) QUESTIONS

Without Money & Without Price

READ Isaiah 55:1-3

What is Christ’s invitation to us, given the Atonement we’ve been talking about?

Why are Christ’s gifts “without money and without price?”

What must we do to be saved?


READ Isaiah 55:6-7

What else must we do to be saved?

What does it mean to “seek the Lord WHILE He may be found”?

Savior on Mount Zion

READ Isaiah 61:1-3

What is the Lord found doing today?


READ Isaiah 58:6-11

What must we do if we are to follow and worship our Master?

What blessings will we be given by acting as a “Savior on Mount Zion” to others?


READ Isaiah 56:3-8

What hope do these verses give to us ethnic “Gentiles”?



He Comes In Red

READ Isaiah 64:1 and Isaiah 63:1-3 and Isaiah 66:15-16

How will the Lord appear when He comes in His glory?


READ Isaiah 66:22-23 and Isaiah 60:19-21

What must those righteous that remain be able to do?


READ Isaiah 55:8-11 and Isaiah 64:4

How much higher are God’s Ways than our ways?

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