Sunday, July 31, 2022

The Story of Job (Job) QUESTIONS

The Afflictions of Job

READ Job 1:1

What were Job’s traits?


READ Job 1:2-3

What was his standing in the world?


READ Job 1:6-12

What is being described in heaven?

What does Satan spend his time doing?

What does it mean that the Lord has made a “hedge” around Job?

Why would the Lord remove the “hedge” from Job and allow Satan to exercise his power?


Satan gets right to work and in a single day he destroys Job’s wealth (animals and servants) and kills his children (who Job seems to be extending protection to, see Job 1:5)

READ Job 1:20-22

Why does Job react this way?


READ Job 2:1-7

What do we learn from this exchange between the Lord and Satan?


Job remains faithful, even when his wife asks him why he doesn’t just curse God and die (Job 2:9-10) and when his friends falsely accuse him of offending God through some secret wickedness (Job 3:7-9).

READ Job 10:15-17

What is Job confused about?

How would you counsel Job if you were one of his “friends”?



Job Finds Knowledge Through Sacrifice

READ LoF 6:3-5, 7

What is the Lord counseling Job (us) to do in these verses?


READ Job 13:13-16

What decision has Job made?


READ Job 19:25-26

How does Job achieve the level of faith that will enable him to know God in the flesh? 

Job as a Type of Christ’s Suffering

READ Alma 7:11-12

What does the phrase “he shall go forth suffering” imply about the nature of Christ’s physical suffering?

Why did the Lord have to suffer these physical afflictions?


READ Isaiah 52:14 and 53:2-4, and Luke 4:23

What is Isaiah telling us about Christ’s mortal appearance?

Like Job, whose friends esteemed him smitten of God after viewing his marred body, how did many treat Christ?



Valiance Revisited

READ Job 39:19-25

How would you describe this horse?

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