Sunday, April 24, 2022

Entering the Promised Land (Joshua 1-6, 23-24) QUESTIONS

Joshua the Prophet

READ Joshua 1:1-5

Who selected Joshua to lead Israel after Moses’ translation?


READ Joshua 1:6-9

What is to be the key to Joshua’s success?

Why is knowing the word of the Lord key?

How does one learn the word of the Lord?


READ JS-History 1:74

How do the scriptures come alive to us?



Crossing the Jordan River

READ Joshua 3:5, 10-13

Why is the Lord showing Israel a sign that He is among them?


READ Joshua 3:15-17

Why did the Priests have to step into the flooding Jordan River before the Lord parted the water?



The Walls of Jericho

READ Joshua 2:1-6, 9, 11 and Hebrews 11:31

Why did Rahab betray her people to help Israel?


READ Joshua 2:12-13, 15, 18

What was the true token Rahab asked of the spies?


READ James 2:14-26

What sacrifice did Rahab make to seal this covenant of faith?


READ Joshua 6:1-6

What was the Lord saying to Joshua when He said, “see I have given into thy hand Jericho”, as it was still fully protected?


READ Joshua 6:17-18; Deuteronomy 7:2-5

Why was Israel commanded to destroy every living thing in Jericho but Rahab and her house?

If Israel is personified as a single person, why would the Lord tell them to utterly destroy the people of Canaan? (see Exodus 4:22-23 as an example of personification)



The Conquest of Canaan

READ Joshua 12:1, 7-8 and Judges 1:19-21

What modern event in the last 20 years does this “conquest of Canaan” remind you of?

Why were the children of Israel not able to “accomplish” the “mission” of conquering the promised land?

If these conditions are accurate, how did they get any success at all?

Choose You This Day

READ Joshua 24:15-16, 19-20

Is this a good reason not to seek to truly come unto Christ or serve Him?

What “hurt” will you do to yourself if you choose not to serve the Lord?

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