Sunday, March 20, 2022

Joseph in Egypt (Genesis 40-45) QUESTIONS

Joseph the Egyptian Prisoner

READ Genesis 39:21-23; Genesis 40:14-15, 23

Talk about the inmates running the asylum!  How did Joseph came to gain the trust of the Prison Warden to this degree?


READ Genesis 40:1, 8-13, 16-19

If dream interpretations belong to God, how was Joseph able to understand them correctly?

What is the objective of spiritual gifts?


READ Acts 2:17-18

Who can have these gifts?


READ Genesis 41:1-8

What do you think the dreams mean?


READ Genesis 41:14-16, 25-32

Why does God speak to people in dreams?

What would happen today if a political leader like the President of the United States or the Russian Prime Minister received a dream like this and not the President of the LDS Church?

What lessons can we learn from this experience of Pharaoh and young Joseph?


READ Jeremiah 31:33-34 and D&C 84:98-99

What does the Lord tell us about who shall KNOW Him in the Last Days?

What does KNOW him mean?



Joseph the Egyptian Leader

READ Genesis 41:37-41

What does this experience teach us about Pharaoh?


READ Genesis 41:47-49

Did it cost Egypt to store the excess food?

Would they have done this without Joseph’s warning to Pharaoh? 


READ Genesis 41:54-57

If they had the foresight to store the grain, in the case of an international crisis like this today, what would the “world power” likely do?


READ Genesis 42:5-8, 14-15,19-27

What does Joseph do to his brothers?


READ Genesis 45:1-8

When Joseph finally reveals himself to his brothers, what does he tell them?

Last week we talked about Joseph’s two dreams - How did the temporal salvation dream (about the grain) play out?


READ JST Genesis 48:8-11

How does the spiritual salvation through Joseph (the “star” dream) mirror the temporal salvation he provided?


READ JST Genesis 50:25

What part of Joseph’s family is broken off and removed to a place apart from Israel?

Where is the distant land and how do we know it was unknown to Israel?

How do the experiences of the tribe of Joseph in the distant land prepare the way for the salvation of Israel?

How does Israel begin to be saved by learning about Joseph of Egypt? (READ 2 Nephi 30:4-7)

How does Israel bow down to Joseph in the last days?

How is Joseph’s saving of the House of Israel from physical and spiritual death a type of Christ?

And if Joseph is a type of Christ, then who are we?


READ AGAIN Genesis 45:1-5 and 42:21-24

If Joseph is a type of Christ, why does He weep for us?

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