Sunday, March 13, 2022

Joseph & the Coat of Many Colors (Genesis 34, 37-39) QUESTIONS

“It was red and yellow and green and brown, and scarlet and black and ochre and peach…”

 Jacob (Israel) had twelve sons, but only two by Rachel: Joseph and Benjamin (who she died bearing), but they were the youngest of the family. 


The Coat of Many Colors

READ Genesis 37:1-3

Why did Jacob love Joseph more than all the rest of his children?

What was the “coat of many colors”?



Joseph’s Dreams

READ Genesis 37:4-11

Why would the Lord send revelation or inspiration in a dream?

What did the dreams mean?

So why was Joseph naive enough to tell his brothers about his dreams as they already hated him for his coat!?

Why did the Lord send two dreams with seemingly the same meaning?


READ Genesis 37:17-20

Why would the brothers resort to murder?


READ Genesis 37:23-28

Why did they sell Joseph for 20 pieces of silver?



Joseph in Potiphar’s House

The Arabs then sell him to the Egyptian Pharaoh’s Captain of the Guard, Potiphar.

READ Genesis 39:2-3

Who was Joseph’s “master”?


READ Genesis 39:4

In whose eyes did Joseph find grace in?


READ Genesis 39:4 again, this time capitalizing the “H’s” to make it refer to God!

What does this verse mean now?


READ D&C 122:9

What is the relationship between fearing men and worshipping God in faith?


READ Genesis 39:7-10 and Alma 39:5

How is fornication or adultery sinning against God?


READ Genesis 39:11-12

Why was this attempt different from the others?

Why did he flee?


READ Genesis 39:16-20

Why did the Lord allow Joseph to be punished after he “chose the right?”

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