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Christ’s Prophecy (3 Nephi 16, 20-21)

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The Prophesy About the Latter-day Gentiles

 The first thing to understand about these three chapters is that they are Christ’s prophesy, quoting the Father.  This is particularly hard doctrine and goes against some of our most deeply held traditions in the LDS Church; it will ask whether you believe Christ and His Book of Mormon or other, much more comfortable things we have been told are true – because they both can’t be true, as they are in complete opposition to each other, as we will see... 

 READ 3 Nephi 16:6-7

Who are the Gentiles and who are the House of Israel?

In the New Testament, the Gentiles are the European converts made primarily by Paul – found in modern day Greece, Turkey and Italy.

In the Book of Mormon, people of European descent are identified as Gentiles (see 1 Nephi 13:1-23; 3 Nephi 21:2-4).

We are the Gentiles, according to Joseph Smith (see D&C 109:60).

The House of Israel are the Jews and those of Jacob (the descendants of Lehi) and those of the Ten Tribes that the Lord has hidden away, some of whom might be within the Gentile nations.

But as far as the Book of Mormon is concerned, when they say “Gentiles”, they mean us – those of European descent, regardless of our religious affiliation – we are either Gentile believers or Gentile unbelievers, but we are not “Israel” as they define it.  Failing to understand this definition makes it very easy to rationalize away the whole of Christ’s prophesy – a dangerous thing for us to do.

What is the Fullness of the Gospel?

Following the Doctrine of Christ (faith, repentance, baptism of water and fire) and keeping the Lord’s commandments at all hazards or enduring to the End (which is one of Christ’s names – Omega or Endless is His name) when the Lord manifests Himself to you in the flesh so that you know Him with a surety; and then He prepares you to go before the Father to be sealed up to Eternal Life.

When is the latter day?

Our day.

After the Gentiles have come to “this land” (America) and have scattered the House of Israel living here (see v8).

The Restoration of the Gospel began it.

The Second Coming of Christ will conclude it.

What Gentiles in the latter days received the Fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

We did, through the Book of Mormon and revelations of Joseph Smith: the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

If it is not us (because we are “modern day Israel” not “Gentiles”), then we must wait for God to restore the Fullness of the Gospel to some group of Gentiles or “non-members”, as per His revelation.

Why did the Lord give the Fullness of the Gospel to the Gentiles first in the latter days?

It is because of their belief in Christ right after the days of Christ’s ministry that the gospel was given unto the Gentiles first in the latter days.

And because of the unbelief of the House of Israel when Christ came to live among the Jews.

In the end, no people will be able to say the opportunities were unfair, unequal or more challenging for one than for another.


READ 3 Nephi 21:6

What is the promise to the latter day Gentiles?

If they will not harden their hearts…

If they will learn and know (by practice) of the true points of Christ’s doctrine…

If they will repent…

If they will be baptized (which includes the baptism of fire)…

If they will endure to the End and come unto Christ in the flesh…

They will be numbered among the covenant people of the Lord; they will be adopted into the House of Israel or be numbered among them.

They have every opportunity to choose to come unto Christ and be saved with Israel.


READ 3 Nephi 16:8-9

How were the native populations of Israel living in the Americas “trodden underfoot”?

They were annihilated by the European Gentiles who came to America; for example, smallpox was spread by whites to the native population and killed millions and millions so that by the time the Gentiles pushed westward, people thought the Great Plains had never been populated (while estimates now say that 20 million lived there at the time of Columbus).

Their dead bodies decayed, returned to the earth and were “trodden under foot” by the advancing whites; it is a terrible visual image of uncaring distain and disrespect for another people.

What does it mean to be “unbelieving” toward the Fullness of the Gospel?

It means that while you might accept a part of the gospel, you reject the fullness or complete gospel – and only the complete gospel will save you.

It means to disbelieve that to inherit eternal life, each of us must “know God” with a surety by coming again into His presence to “feel” and “see” Him while we are in the flesh in this world (see 3 Nephi 18:25; D&C 132:21-25).

It means to believe and teach that entering into the presence of God is not necessary for salvation, that you must merely stay faithful to an earthly Church and follow its Brethren until you are “safely dead”, and in fact, seeking for the face of the Lord is a “familiar tactic of the adversary” (Elder Dallin Oaks from the “Boise Rescue Fireside, in June 2015).

What is a “wo” from the Father?

A “wo” is a curse or condemnation from God (see D&C 84:49-60).


READ 3 Nephi 16:9

What does this verse teach us about the roles of the Father and the Son?

The Father decides between judgement and mercy; His decisions drive the coming events in history.

The Son fulfills the will of the Father by carrying out His (the Father’s) decisions; not only that but He “owns” them – He makes no excuses for them but takes personal responsibility for implementing them; He submits to the will of the Father in all things; His will has been swallowed up in the will of the Father; His will is completely aligned with the Father’s will.

Who are the “Lord’s people”?

The House of Israel.

Not the Gentiles.

This is a hard doctrine for prideful Gentiles to hear.

Why are the Lord’s people allowed to be so mistreated by the Gentiles?

Because of the Father’s mercy unto the Gentiles.

Because of the Father’s judgements upon the House of Israel.

Because of the free agency God has given to mankind; the Gentiles choose to view their opportunity to have the gospel as making them more righteous and better than anyone else; at the same time, they see the Father’s judgements upon the House of Israel (particularly in the Americas) and “hate” them or think they are savages and incapable of being “valiant” in the gospel or even successful in life (as defined by the materialistic, individualistic culture of the West) but in need of full time “nursing fathers” or to be cast out of their congregations all together for their lack of adherence to the protocols of the Gentile Church and Western culture.


READ 3 Nephi 16:10

Whose prophesy is this?

The Father’s.

And because He sees the past, present and future at once (see D&C 130:7), His prophesies will come true, because they already have…

Will the Gentiles sin against and reject the Fullness of the Gospel and lose it in the latter days?

Yes, they will – it is not a question of “might they”.

The Father says “when the Gentiles shall sin against the Gospel,” and “shall reject the Fullness of my Gospel” and “I will bring the Fullness of my gospel from among them”.

Since linear time doesn’t exist in the presence of God and God sees all things at once, this will (from our perspective) or has (from God’s perspective) already happened – it is a fact. 

Who are being referred to when the Lord talks about Gentiles rejecting the Fullness of the Gospel?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

This cannot be the Catholics or Protestants, as they never received the Fullness of the Gospel in the latter days.

Is it possible to reject the Fullness of the Gospel without rejecting the Gospel?

Yes, and no.

Yes, because one can believe and even practice elements of the gospel without believing or seeking for the entire Fullness, the children of Israel are an example of this with their Law of Moses; as we’ve discussed, rejecting the need to come unto Christ in the flesh means rejecting the Fullness of the Gospel.

No, because ultimately the Gospel is one complete thing and you can’t reject part of it without rejecting the whole thing – because it will not have the power to save you unless it is practiced in its Fullness – i.e. the Law of Moses couldn’t save but was a “school master” to lead the people to Christ and the Fullness of His Gospel (see D&C 84:19-27).

When in the past has the Fullness of the Gospel been rejected but the Gospel and Church still continued on the earth?

During the days of Moses and the children of Israel (see D&C 84:19-27).

Israel was invited to go up with Moses on Mount Sinai to enter into the presence of God themselves but they hardened their hearts, rejected the Fullness of the Gospel, and lost the opportunity to enter into His Rest or the fullness of His glory.

What happened to Israel when they rejected the Fullness of the Gospel?

They received a lesser gospel, the Law of Moses, which was intended to lead them back to receive what they had lost.

Various prophets were sent over time to help them repent but they were rejected.

They had to wait hundreds of years until a new dispensation was sent from heaven to restore what was lost (the Fullness of the Gospel which Christ Himself restored).

And the great majority rejected that, too.

What happens when the Gentiles reject the Fullness of the Gospel?

First it is rejected, then it is forfeited or lost (see Alma 12:9-11).

Like the Children of Israel with Moses, the High Priesthood which enabled them to enter the presence of God is taken (D&C 124:28), but a lesser or preparatory form of the Gospel remains (D&C 84:23-26). 

…But this time they will be destroyed (see D&C 112:23-26).

The Gentiles won’t get a second chance if they reject the Fullness of the Gospel in the latter days.


READ D&C 84:49-60

Why are we still under condemnation as a Church to this day?

We have taken lightly the Fullness of the Gospel Covenant, which is contained in the Book of Mormon.

A few of us may even read it but we don’t seem to believe it enough to seek after the knowledge it imparts and experiences it illustrates for ourselves (see 2 Nephi 32:4-7). 

And we will be damned in the eternities and destroyed in mortality if we do not repent, come unto Him, receive His voice, and know Him with a surety. 

This is the message of Christ’s prophesy to the Gentiles…it is hard doctrine, who can hear it?  Will we take Christ’s own prophesy lightly, too?

How will we know that the latter-day Gentile Church have rejected the Fullness of the Gospel?

They will be lifted up in pride above all the people of the whole earth (i.e. “we are the single, exclusive, chosen, covenant people of God”; “we cannot be led astray”; “if you do not join our Church, either in this life or the next, you cannot not be saved”).

Lyings and deceits (i.e. the Manifesto on Polygamy which was never intended to be followed but was created by Church leadership to deceive the US Government for 15 years as plural marriages continued to be secretly conducted by leadership; also, insinuating testimonies by modern Apostles that their testimonies are “like” those of old – including Packer, Erying, Monson, and Nelson (see To The Remnant blog, “All That Glitters” Part 6, on July 29, 2015).

All manner of hypocrisy (i.e. building a multibillion dollar “Babylonian” high-end shopping mall across the street from the SLC Temple with President Eyring cutting the ribbon with the words “let’s go shopping!”); meanwhile thousands of LDS children in developing countries are malnourished because the Church policy of only using fast offerings locally – leading to  several regular members starting a non-Church affiliated charity to help provide food for them (look up the Bountiful Children’s Foundation, formerly known as The Liahona Foundation until Church leaders forced them to change it) because the Church would not. 

Murders (i.e. in the Mountain Meadows Massacre, Church leaders and members conspired with local Indians to murder a group of western trekking pioneers from Missouri, including men, women and children, because they bragging about having been involved in the deaths of Joseph and Hyrum Smith).

Priestcrafts (i.e. the modern Church mantra of “follow the prophet” instead of following the Lord; the celebrity and idolization with which the Church members treat the Brethren and the way the Brethren do nothing to stop it; the redefinition of “sustaining” to be an “oath-like indication that we recognize their calling as a prophet to be legitimate and binding upon us” and that we must “do our utmost to uphold their prophetic priorities”; the “stipends” or luxurious benefits that the General Authorities enjoy including houses, vacations, first class air travel, hunting preserves, free education while the poor members in developing countries pay tithing to support them while living lives of poverty).

Whoredoms (i.e. Brigham Young took polygamy and institutionalized it for sex, claiming that the man with the most keys could take whatever women he liked regardless of their age or marital status - turning it into a very different thing from Joseph Smith’s Law of Adoption.  BY’s polygamy was unsanctioned by God and bred a culture of lust and violence; Utah is one of the largest consumers of pornography in the US, hence the continual revisiting of this subject in General Conference).

Secret abominations (i.e. Brigham Young incorporated a vow to revenge the blood of Joseph Smith into Temple ceremonies; the lack of contemporary evidence that JS practiced polygamy the way BY said he did, including the fact that JS publicly decried the practice – making Joseph into a liar to support BY’s attempt at gaining control and sex; the locking away of important although possibility incriminating (to the current narrative) historical records in the Church vault; the refusal to disclose the use of Church finances; the secret General Authority committee called “Strengthening the Members Committee” which is tasked with identifying, monitoring and excommunicating those they label as “apostates” because they are deemed dangerous to their position of power).


READ D&C 13:1-3 and D&C 124:28

What priesthood will never be taken again from the earth?

The Aaronic Priesthood.

What priesthood was already lost to the Church by 1841?

The High Priesthood.

That’s why the Lord wanted the Saints to build and dedicated the Nauvoo Temple so that He could come to earth and restore again the High Priesthood which they had been given in 1831 but had subsequently lost.

But the Temple wasn’t finished in the time allotted by the Lord; it was dedicated (unfinished) after all but a few Saints had already left, and there is no record whatsoever of the Lord coming to the Temple to accept it, let alone to restore the High Priesthood.

Does the promise that the Aaronic Priesthood will never again be taken from the earth mean that the Gentile Church (LDS) will always have it?


It just says that it will reside with authority somewhere upon the earth.

The House of Israel could be given the power after the gospel is taken away from the Gentile Church by the Father and the promise that the priesthood would “never be taken again” would still be unbroken.


READ 2 Nephi 28:14

What does it mean to have “gone astray”?  How many “degrees” astray counts as being “astray”?  1 degree?  10 degrees?  180 degrees?

180 degrees is obviously astray because it means you’re heading in the opposite direction from where you were originally headed; but if it’s possible to hide or confuse what the original destination was, then even 180 degrees is possible – and 45 or even 90 degrees is relatively easy – look at the difference between the doctrines Joseph Smith verses what is taught by Church leadership today.  Joseph Smith publicly taught the Second Comforter, the Law of Adoption, the plurality of Gods, man’s theosis to become like God, and the “Ancient Order of Things”.  Today we are taught: “follow the prophet,” “too sacred to share,” “hastening the work”, living the standards in “For the Strength of Youth,” Family Search, faith “not to be healed,” and “all is well in Zion”.  How many degrees of difference is that?

Over time, even a 1-degree difference will mean the traveler will be a long way from their chosen destination; and since God is an unchangeable God and salvation is being precisely as He and Christ are, and nothing else (see LoF 7:9, 15-16), even one degree off is a massive problem. 

If a “few humble followers of Christ” have not gone “astray” but have still been “led to err by the precepts of men”, what does that mean and by whom were they taught or led?

They are seekers after Christ and the Holy Spirit has led them on as straight a course as it could, such that their hearts continue to be right before God but…

Certain teachings have caused them to make mistakes in their journey – slowing it down as the Lord had to help them to see the falsehoods in what they believed and the abominations in what they were doing – albeit the fact that they thought they were doing what was pleasing to God.

They were taught or led by men that they trusted to each them correct doctrine or in other words, they followed the prophets and leaders of the Church; interestingly, as they are humble followers of Christ, they are not fooled by the opinions of the world but they are fooled by wolves in sheep’s clothing.

When we say the Prophet cannot be led astray or lead us astray, what does that mean?

We mean: God will kill the prophet if He teaches something that is contrary to God’s will or commandments – God will NOT allow the prophet to lead us astray.

The question then arises – does that mean anything that is contrary?  What if it is just a little contrary?  Since even 1 degree off can lead a people astray, it must mean that the Lord can’t allow the Prophet to ever teach anything that is incorrect, or in other words, if they are alive and in the office, they are effectively infallible, otherwise they will be removed by God (which requires the Prophet’s death, per our Church leadership succession practices). 

If this was true, it would completely violate that individual Church President’s agency; it would also require them to be perfect because even a 1 degree change from God’s will would result in leading the Church astray.

This doctrine is comical in light of the fact that the Church has already changed its doctrine fundamentally and done so multiple times – one huge example was that Brigham Young taught polygamy was essential to exaltation but at the final prohibition of polygamy, what was once absolutely required for exaltation, as taught by the “prophet” (BY not JS), became the cause for immediate excommunication!  How changeable will an unchangeable God be when it comes to defining what is essential for exaltation?

What about the “Lord’s promise” that the Church will never be led astray?

The Lord never made such a promise.  If you think He did – for your own sake, please find it in the scriptures.

The statement was made by President Wilford Woodruff in General Conference when he was forced by the US Government to read the Manifesto and have it sustained in the meeting, to ward off the Edmunds-Tucker Act which would discorporate the Church, seize all assets, jail the leaders, and deny the possibility of statehood for the Utah Territory.

Wilford Woodruff was painted into a corner because Brigham Young, John Taylor and Wilford himself had sought protection for polygamy under the Constitution by stating that the doctrine was fundamental to the religion – that exaltation was completely dependent upon it and that the Church would not and could not abandon the doctrine under any circumstances, by order of God.

So instead of denying what he and his fellow Presidents had taught as “prophets”, he said the following: “I say to Israel, the Lord will never permit me or any other man who stands as President of this Church to lead you astray.  It is not in the program.  It is not in the mind of God.  If I were to attempt that, the Lord would remove me out of my place, and so He will any other man who attempts to lead the children of men astray from the oracles of God and from their duty.”  (Note: “oracles of God” mean the revelations not the “Brethren”, and “duty” refers to the people’s duty to keep God’s commandments not the “duty” of the Brethren to command).

This doctrine is not taught in any scriptures – in fact the opposite is taught (see 2 Nephi 28:31) – it was a lie told by Wilford Woodruff to save face and retain control of the Church, in the face of being forced by men to do what he had told the Church repeatedly he would never do and the Lord would never allow!  Some feel that it was a lie to the Government, that WW was saying with a wink to the Church “don’t worry about what I’m saying now, we’ll keep practicing polygamy in secret!”  But God did not come to his rescue and they did end up abolishing polygamy…because these men had already led the Church astray through their unsanctioned practice of polygamy and other doctrines which grew up around it (i.e. the Adam-God theory, the practice of blood atonement, etc.).


READ 3 Nephi 16:11

What will cause the Lord to “remember the covenant” He made with “His” people?

The rejection of the Fullness of the Gospel by the Gentiles.

When the Gentiles, through their own agency, have rejected and forfeited the Gospel, Christ will give “His people” one last opportunity to accept it in its Fullness prior to His Second Coming in glory.

This is the regrafting of the natural branches referred to in Jacob’s allegory (see Jacob 5:67-75).


READ 3 Nephi 16:12

In the latter days, do the Gentiles claim power and authority over Israel?

Yes, that is part of being lifted up in pride above all nations and people.

Yes, they assume that they will be the ones to build and lead Zion.

Yes, and they claim authority over Israel to such a degree that the Gentiles refer to themselves AS Israel!  This can be very confusing to Gentile members of the Church, particularly in the reading of this prophesy from Christ (3 Nephi 16, 20-21), as many members will read the prophesy and assume it applies to “non-members” only. They believe that although they (church members) are from a Gentile nation and descend from Gentile bloodlines, they have either been adopted in to Israel or are actually of literal Ephraimite blood, which is “confirmed” to them in their patriarchal blessings and in many General Conference talks. 

The Gentile Church (LDS) teaches that God will only talk to them or through their leaders; they claim to hold the power of God, sitting in the Temple of God and acting as if they were God on earth, claiming they will sit in the congregations of the north in the heavens like the Gods, but this will cause them to lose God’s power and be cast down like Lucifer (see 2 Thessalonians 2:2-4; D&C 121:36-37; Isaiah 14:13-15).  It is an astounding level of pride, when you really consider it in context.


READ 3 Nephi 16:14-15

We already spoke about how the Gentiles have “trodden under foot” the House of Israel; what does it mean that the House of Israel will go among the Gentiles and “tread them down”?

It is a terrible image because when applied to the House of Israel it meant that an entire civilization was decimated…

It means that the Gentiles will be destroyed as the House of Israel in America was before it.

The violent backlash against Americans of European descent happening in the USA today would have been unthinkable even 10 years ago, but here we are – it is interesting to consider where this might all lead – perhaps the Lord’s prophesy will come true after all? 

Why is salt that has lost its savor cast out and how will the Gentiles become this savorless salt?

Salt is useful for seasoning and preserving.

Salt that has lost its savor is no longer useful for anything – there is no value and it just takes up space that could be better used; in addition, it “flatters to deceive” meaning that you think it will add value but when you use it, it does nothing – it does not deliver on its implied promise.

Salt loses its savor through contamination with “foreign” things.

Interestingly, salt that has lost its savor doesn’t look too different from good salt; because of this it “poses” as good salt but upon closer examination or by attempting to use it for its intended purposes, one finds that it is not good – it doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.

With the Fullness of the Gospel, the Gentiles were “salt” that was useful for preserving God’s children or in other words, bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of God’s children; but when the Gentiles reject the Fullness of the Gospel and contaminate it with the philosophies of men, they no longer have enough truth to save anyone, including themselves, and must be cast out or destroyed so as not to be a hindrance to God as He goes about His work and glory.  This is a harrowing thought for the modern Gentile Church and its members. 


READ 3 Nephi 21:8-9

What does it mean that kings will “shut their mouths” when they see what the Father is doing to establish Zion?

They will not know what to say; they will be at a loss for words because of the Father’s works.

Things they never conceived of will be happening; they’ve never been taught these things and they cannot comprehend it all or believe it; it is all too much, too distressing and too unexpected (see Isaiah 52:15; Hag 2:22; Revelation 14:7-8; Malachi 4:1).


READ 3 Nephi 20:15-20

The whole world will see the destruction of the Gentiles in America; what is one of the tools the Lord will use?

The Remnant of the House of Jacob themselves will destroy both the Gentiles typified as the “beasts of the forest” (violent and worldly) and as the “flocks of sheep” (passive worshippers of “prophets” and priests) and none can stop them (see 3 Nephi 21:12-13).

This is interesting because in other places it says that those who do not want to take up arms must flee to Zion, where the Lord will fight their battles for them (see D&C 45:66-70).

But the Lord uses a caveat to remind us what is really happening – “behold, I am He who doeth it”..

Describe the imagery of a “sword” hanging over someone; and why a sword of Justice?

“Hanging over” = it is in the air, either ready to fall like the executioner’s axe or drawn back for the killing blow like a warrior.

It is the “quiet before the storm”, the “breath before the plunge”, the moment when one’s life flashes before one’s eyes as one sees death is upon them but not quite yet.


READ 3 Nephi 21:15-18

The Lord names specific purging He will do among the Gentiles in the latter days but the language is that of the ancient Near East – what does He mean?

Cut off cities = cities will be destroyed (see Isaiah 54:3).

Throw down strongholds = military installations.

Witchcrafts = fascination with evil, including the occult.

Soothsayers = predictors of the future without true prophesy for some kind of gain: including stock market speculators, political analysts, business scenario planners, long term weather analysts, gambling industry, predictive data analytics, astrologists or occult practitioners, as well as those Church leaders who claim to understand God’s prophesies but do not.

Graven images = an image that has been crafted by a human; could also apply to one’s reputation enhanced by marketing, PR and social media.

Standing images in the midst of thee = an image that is elevated above the others; celebrities of all sorts.

Works of thy hands = both tangible creations and intellectual ideas that mankind worship or devote an inordinate amount of time reverencing.

Groves = used to refer to the places where fertility rites were conducted – to participate or watch; now days it applies to pornography, unmarried sex, prostitution and any place where those things are conducted; including the local movie theater, hotel, adult store, one’s home or even the internet itself.


READ 3 Nephi 21:19-20

How do lies, deception, envy and strife lead to priestcraft and whoredom?

We are deceived by those who change (add to or take from) the doctrine of Christ and the Fullness of the Gospel, introducing unbelief or the belief in things that are false.

We lie to ourselves and others when we say we have priesthood authority and yet no power is manifested (because we have no connection or association with the powers of heaven).

We envy those who have authority in the Church or have been “blessed by God” with material success, thinking we should have them, too.

We engage in strife or contention with each other as we attempt to force creeds of belief and standards of behavior with which to judge each other; we suppress dissent and persecute those who see things differently until they conform, are silenced or withdraw.

Priestcraft is to set oneself up as a light for the gain of the world; whoredom is selling what is most precious and sacred for money; whoredom accompanies priestcraft.


READ 3 Nephi 21:21

Who will Christ execute “vengeance and fury” upon?

The disbelieving Gentiles.

The offending and violent Heathen.

How will He execute this vengeance and fury?

By withdrawing His Spirit and leaving them to themselves.

Without conscience or remorse or affection, they will enact as much cruelty and violence on each other as their imaginations will allow.

Why is it “vengeance” upon the Gentiles?

For treating lightly the great promises they had been given by God.


READ D&C 112:23-26

Where will the Lord’s vengeance and fury with the Gentiles begin?

Upon the Church and its leaders who have professed to know His name but have not known Him.

The LDS Church and probably all other offshoots of Mormonism who have rejected the Fullness of the Gospel, which is all of them but a “few humble followers”.


READ 3 Nephi 16:16

Who will inherit the land of America; who is “this people”?

The House of Israel.

The Remnant of Jacob or the Lehites.

As improbable as it might seem today, the Gentiles will forfeit the USA as a result of having rejected the Fullness of the Gospel.

Note: the land they are referring to is North America not Central or South America (see 2 Nephi 1:5, 9-11; 2 Nephi 10:11; JSH 1:33-34; 1 Nephi 13).

Christ is prophesying the destruction of the United States of America, as we know it today; we have taken possession of this land from the rightful inhabitants but have squandered our opportunity because we have also failed to worship the God of the land, who is Jesus Christ, by living the Fullness of the Gospel and coming unto Him.


READ 3 Nephi 16:17-20

According to Christ, what was Isaiah prophesying about?

The coming events in the Americas, not the last days’ events of the Middle East.

The “waste places of Jerusalem” is not referring to the city of Jerusalem but to the residue of Jerusalem’s scattered people who are wasted, then restored again to glory.

How will the Lord’s “holy arm” be “made bare” and how will the eyes of all nations see it?

The rest of the world will watch as the Lord destroys the Gentiles in America.

They will know that divine intervention was involved; this makes one wonder about the other vehicles of the destruction and how much God will use natural disasters, as He did with the destruction of so many Nephites, at the time of Christ’s death or what other improbable means He will use to destroy us.

What does the destruction of the Gentiles produce in America?

Joy, rejoicing, singing, seeing eye to eye.

The return of Zion, a “redeemed Jerusalem”.

The reestablishment of the promised but dispossessed heirs to their inheritance.

Not mourning and lamentation.

So great will be the peace that follows the destruction of the Gentiles that it will wipe away all tears (see Revelation 7:17) because the Lord will comfort them.

What do the ideas of “singing together,” “seeing eye to eye” and the Lord bringing again Zion have to do with each other (see also 3 Nephi 20:32-35)?

The Remnant who live in Zion will be one.

One with each other because they are one with God.

One with God because they have His Spirit within them; they are all animated or quickened by the same Spirit.

It is not because of a degree of uniformity produced by aggressive application of cultural mores and standards of behavior and thinking from a Church and its Handbook of Instructions.

And the Lord will “bring” Zion and this oneness Himself – it will be built under His direction and not at the command of men; this requires a people who can abide in His presence, listen to Him directly, and obey His directives and commandments.


READ 3 Nephi 16:13

Do the Gentiles have any hope?

Yes.  Although as a group they will reject the Fullness of the Gospel and fall away, if there are any among them who will repent and return to Christ, they may be numbered among the Lord’s people (see 2 Nephi 30:2).

What do the Gentiles need to repent of and how do they return to Christ?

Repent of the false beliefs and abominations that have become part of their religious traditions – the “precepts of men”.

Return to Christ and know Him in the flesh with a surety; this is the open invitation to all who have entered the gospel covenant through the “gate” of the baptisms of water and fire, but the individual Gentile must endure to the End of the path and find the Lord as laid out in 2 Nephi 31-32. 


READ 3 Nephi 21:22

What does it mean that Christ “will” establish His Church among them; don’t we already have “His” Church?

He’s referring to a different Church – not the Gentile group who rejected the Fullness of the Gospel but a much smaller group who will repent and accept the Fullness; His Church is the Church of the Lamb or the Church of the Firstborn (who is Jesus Christ) or all those who have become His Sons and Daughters (see D&C 76:54, 94; D&C 77:11; D&C 93:22; 1 Nephi 14:12).

His Church is really His House or Family – both by literal descent through Abraham or through adoption – of those who live the required covenant to be one with Christ, so that He becomes their father.

His Church is all who repent and come unto Him (see D&C 10:67-68).

His Church is a group of people who have stood in His presence and are redeemed (see Ether 3:13) – in other words, a Zion people where the Lord and His Powers of Heaven (heavenly hosts or Church of the Firstborn) can be in their midst or abide with them.


READ 3 Nephi 21:23-26

Who will bring the Fullness of the Gospel to the House of Israel in the latter days?

The Lord Himself will (see 3 Nephi 16:11).

With a few servants.

This is reiterated in the Allegory of Zenos where the Lord of the vineyard, with a few servants, was directly involved in the regrafting and final work of gathering (see Jacob 5:72).

Do not expect the institutional LDS Church to be the ones to accomplish this last regrafting effort, as they are the Gentiles who reject the Fullness of the Gospel, so how can they in turn deliver it to someone else – and why would they want to lose control of leadership anyway?

What is “this gospel” that the Lord will preach to the Remnant of Israel at that day?

It includes the mysteries of Godliness that Mormon was not able to record in 3 Nephi because of its sacred nature – things that must be learned but cannot be taught by men or recorded in books to be read (see 3 Nephi 17:16; 3 Nephi 19:34; 3 Nephi 26:8-10).


READ D&C 133:26-34

How can the Gentile Church both reject the Fullness of the Gospel, yet servants of the tribe of Ephraim, which is associated with Joseph Smith, be the ones to bestow crowns upon Israel?

A small group of Ephraimite servants is all that is required by the Lord (see 2 Nephi 28:14) – not 15 million Church members or even their leaders.

In the latter days, there must be a handful of Ephraimites who have accepted the Fullness of the Gospel and know their Lord like Joseph Smith did; while at first they erred because of the teachings of their leaders, they have “remembered the covenant” and sought for the knowledge of the Fullness of the Gospel and have walked the strait and narrow path back into the Lord’s presence (see 2 Nephi 28:14).

It will be Ephraim who will take the Book of Mormon to the Remnant of Israel or at least they will print the book and make it available (see 1 Nephi 15:13-14; 2 Nephi 30:3); although to bear testimony of that book with power requires one to have experienced the promises outlined within it, which only a few Ephraimites will do.

The rest of the Ephraimite “drunkards” who lead the Gentile Church will suppress the mysteries of Godliness and retain only the most basic doctrines, which, like the Law of Moses, will not save them; but the Church members won’t care because they are asleep to the lullaby of “all is well in Zion” anyway, in love with the flattery they receive from their leaders who have taken away the key of knowledge and hinder any who attempt to enter in (see Isaiah 28:1-10; 2 Nephi 16:10; 2 Nephi 28:21; Luke 11:52).

So, how big is Christ’s Church among the Gentiles in the latter days?


A few humble followers.

A few servants in the vineyard.

But enough to bring “great things to pass” through their missionary effort to the Remnant of Israel.



The Prophesy About the Remnant of Jacob


READ 3 Nephi 20:10

Who is the Remnant of the House of Israel referred to here by Christ?

“This people” or the descendants of the people Christ is addressing.

The descendants of Lehi (see D&C 3:17-18).

A Native American tribe or tribes who were scattered and slain by the Gentiles but not completely destroyed (see 1 Nephi 13:30-31).

As Zion will be built in the “tops of the mountains” in the latter days, when they build it, they will be living in a mountainous environment (see Isaiah 40:9; Isaiah 2:3; Psalms 133:3; Isaiah 52:7; Joel 3:17; Micah 4:2; 2 Nephi 12:3; Isaiah 30:17; D&C 133:31-32; D&C 49:25); although this doesn't mean that they have always lived there but may have been driven there by Indian Removal Act of 1831 or perhaps even by a future event that has not yet required them to move to the mountains; Joseph Smith wrote in a letter to NC Saxton, editor of a Rochester NY newspaper “The Book of Mormon is a record of the forefathers of our western Tribes of Indians” (see Roland Walker’s paper “Seeking the Remnant”); the first official mission of the Church was the Oliver Cowdery led expedition to the Lamanites, with the objective of locating the Remnant and helping them to begin the building of Zion; when Joseph and Hyrum proposed to flee the mob in Nauvoo and head for the Rocky Mountains, it was to find the Remnant in the West.

It is not necessary to identify exactly who the tribe is now; they will be identified in the course of events.

But it is vital to know that they are a group distinct from the “Gentiles”; we are NOT the Remnant of Israel.


READ 3 Nephi 20:13, 21-22

How many “Remnants” will there be?


In all cardinal directions or all across the earth.

But one “Remnant of Jacob” in America – the descendants of Lehi – will be the primary builders of the American Zion.

How will these Remnants be “gathered in” to be brought to the knowledge of the Lord who hath redeemed them?

Knowledge is experiential and personal or anecdotal (see 3 Nephi 11:14; 3 Nephi 18:25).

Christ redeems men from their fallen state by bringing them back into His presence (see Ether 3:13).

Christ will then be able to visit the Remnant(s) in their Mount Zion because they will have already been redeemed individually by Him.

What will differentiate Zion from all other cities?

The Lord will establish it, not man.

The Powers of Heaven or hosts of heaven will visit or “be in the midst” of the people.

The Lord Himself will abide with the people.

It will be populated by people who are able to abide in the presence of God in the flesh and not be utterly wasted.

And because of this, it will be “terrible” to those who cannot abide His presence and glory; it will be filled with and surrounded by the glory of God, which when Joseph Smith saw it in the Sacred Grove, mistook it for a raging fire.


READ 3 Nephi 20:23-24

What did Moses have that was then lost to Israel because of lack of belief and rejection of Jehovah?

The High Priesthood which enabled him to stand in the presence of God (see D&C 84:19-27).

In other words, this priesthood (or association with the powers of heaven) enables the Fullness of the Gospel or coming unto Christ.

But the priesthood was taken from Israel with Moses for their fear and rejection of the offer to come up unto the Mount to see Jehovah for themselves.

Why does the Lord say “all the prophets from Samuel…”?

When Joshua died, both the priesthood that left with Moses, and the blessings from the High Priesthood that he had received from Moses were lost.

What remained was the Levitical or Aaronic priesthood which was presided over by a High Priest (who held Aaronic priesthood not the “High Priesthood”) and was administered by the Levites.

The prophets, from Samuel on, were different; they came through diverse bloodlines and their priesthood was not received through the Jewish Church lines of authority but were given to them directly from heaven itself (see TPJS 205:2).

What does it mean that all of these prophets “testified of” Christ?

These individuals beheld God face to face and were called by Him to be prophets and call the people to repentance (see D&C 84:22-23).

Being a prophet means seeing Christ; that is how one is called to be a prophet.

Being a prophet entails testifying that one has seen the Christ and knows Him with a surety.

An ecclesiastical calling, just like the old Jewish role of High Priest, has the right to administer the rites and ordinances of the Church but has no ability to stand in the presence of God unless God gives them the High Priesthood Himself.

What is the key to the Remnant of Israel awakening?

Coming unto Christ themselves, as Moses and the Prophets did.  Hearing Him – His testimony to them, His commandments to them, His mission for them – and then following His words to them.

Look to Christ and Him alone – He is their only hope.

They must not reject the Fullness of the Gospel but believe it and come unto Him (see D&C 132:21-25).


3 Nephi 20:25-26

What does it mean to be a “child of the prophets”?

To be a literal descendent of the prophets.

To be one who has accepted, believed, and followed the Lord’s true messengers.

To be adopted into the family of the prophets or patriarchs or “fathers” or “fathers in heaven” through being sealed to them in a “father-son” relationship and thus become part of the House of Israel or family of God on earth; Abraham received a promise that all who received the Gospel after him would become his descendants.

This is what it means to “turn the hearts of the children to the fathers”.

Why did the Father send Christ to Israel first?

Because they are the literal children of the covenant God made with Abraham.

Does being the literal children guarantee them anything?

Not if they reject the covenant they’ve been offered.

They just have “first right of refusal”.


READ 3 Nephi 20:27-29

Why did the House of Israel, and why will the Gentiles, merit condemnation, or the Law of Restoration returning their iniquities back upon their own heads?

Because Israel did (at the time of Christ and previously at the time of Moses) and the Gentiles will (or have?) reject the Fullness of the Gospel.

And by reason of their rejection of what was freely offered to them, merit condemnation for ingratitude (see D&C 88:33-35); they remain filthy still because that which would have cleansed them was not received in gratitude but was rejected.

And when a people reject the Lord, He being governed by Law, must reject them – otherwise He would not be just (see Luke 12:47-48).


READ 3 Nephi 20:30-31

Who will accept the Fullness of the Gospel?

The Remnant of Israel and those few adopted Gentiles.

What does it mean to accept the Fullness of the Gospel?

It means to accept or believe the principles of the Fullness of the Gospel – including the need for the crowning event which is to be sealed up to eternal life by entering into the presence of God while living in the flesh.

It means to enter the strait gate and follow the narrow path back into God’s presence – to have faith in the teachings to the point that they promote action (see LoF 2:54-56).


READ 3 Nephi 20:36-46

Why do the Remnant need to awake, shake off the dust, arise, and put on their beautiful garments?

Because they are asleep and dressed in filthy tatters and rags.

They don’t know who they are and they have not the power and light of God within them.

They are prisoners in their own ignorance (see TPJS 400:2).

And they have sold themselves into bondage for nothing.

They need to arise because the Lord has already freed them as they slept; they are now free to sit before the Lord and be taught, if they will but awake and arise.

How will the Remnant know Christ’s name in the latter day?

He will speak to them personally, as He is to their ancestors in Bountiful.

He will minister to them and they will know Him with a surety (see 3 Nephi 11:14).

Will the Remnant come to know Christ in Zion or before it is built?


Then they will leave “Babylon the Unclean” and be gathered together into Zion.

And Christ will lead them – He will both help them to awake, arise and be clothed with light or things they had not seen or considered AND He will personally help them to gather to Zion – implied is that both will be miraculous.


READ 3 Nephi 21:1-3

Why is Christ giving us a sign – aren’t signs bad?

Signs follow faith, they do not produce faith (see D&C 63:9-10).

Believers are supposed to see signs, so that they may know God is dealing with them (see D&C 68:10-11).

Christ is giving a sign to us and the Remnant so that we may understand when His Father’s promises are being fulfilled.

How will we know when will these things come to pass?

The Remnant of the Lord’s people (the descendants of the Lehites) will be scattered by the Gentiles in America.

Christ’s words to the ancient Nephites will be made known to the Gentiles – the Book of Mormon will be published.

The Gentiles must understand or know that the promises to the Remnant exist; as a Church today we have chosen to ignore these promises and do not seek for the Remnant – in fact, we think we are to preside in Zion, not them.

The Gentiles who appreciate the Book of Mormon to the point that they have followed its promises and have come unto Christ, and also understand the Lord’s promises to the Remnant, will bring them to the attention of the Remnant.

The Remnant will receive the words of Christ and Christ will gather in, from their long dispersion, His people; Christ will personally do the gathering through the Holy Spirit and through His own ministrations to them; when the Remnant begin to know these things (see 3 Nephi 21:7) is when The Sign will occur – when the Remnant begin to know Christ and remember who they really are, that is the sign that the Father’s work has already commenced or started and there will be no stopping it after that point.

They will be gathered by becoming His covenant people or understanding that they are the House of Israel (see D&C 76:51-62).

Then they will be established together as a group and build Zion.

After it has commenced or begun, this will all happen or be completed in a “generation” (see JS Matthew 1:34-37).


To summarize, Nephi first saw the latter-day interplay between the Gentiles and the Remnant of the Lehites and Christ affirms and expands upon it.  The Gentiles would be offered the Fullness of the Gospel through the Book of Mormon and the ministry of Gods and angels, and all but a few would reject it (3 Nephi 16:10; 3 Nephi 20:28; 2 Nephi 28:14).  Those few will then take the gospel to the Remnant, who will receive it (see 1 Nephi 15:13-14; 2 Nephi 30:3-5).  The Remnant will blossom as a rose with the gospel and build Zion, the New Jerusalem, in the tops of the mountains, a place where the Lord will visit His people (see Moses 7:16-18) and protect them from the destruction that is unfolding all about them, up to and including the cataclysms that occur when He comes in glory, as they will already know that they can stand in His presence.  And a few Gentiles will assist them in their work (see 3 Nephi 21:23-24).  This is a hard doctrine for those whose pride is above that of all the earth – those who believe they can never be led astray... but ironically have been condemned by God since 1832 but refuse to believe it and so refuse to repent.


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