Sunday, September 18, 2022

With His Stripes, We Are Healed (Isaiah 50-53) QUESTIONS

Waiting on the Lord

READ Isaiah 50:1

Why are we in bondage?


READ Isaiah 50:11

How do those who have sold themselves walk in the darkness of mortality?


READ Isaiah 50:5-10 and Isaiah 51:12-13

What is the difference between the last individual and one who “trusts in the Lord”?

What will happen to the person who does not rebel when the Lord calls them?

Who fights their battles?

Who do they “fear” or respect or worship?

Who do these verses apply to?



How Beautiful Upon the Mountains

READ Isaiah 51:1-3, 11

Where are we to look?

Why must the Lord comfort Zion?


READ Isaiah 52:1-3

What must those who wish to enter Zion do first?

After they are awake, what must they do next?


READ Isaiah 52:7

Why are the feet of those who bring good tidings beautiful?

What is the desire of those whose “feet” have been cleansed and sanctified by Christ?

Why are they “upon the mountains”?



The Suffering Servant

Now we will turn to He that has made this ascent back to Heaven possible, and the depths to which He had to go to enable it.

READ Isaiah 53:1 and JSH 1:25

Why does Isaiah say “our” report if it is his testimony?

Why is Isaiah doubtful that people will believe their report?

What does the “arm of the Lord” represent?

What does it mean to have the arm of the Lord revealed to you?

Is the arm of the Lord revealed to those who will not believe the report?


READ Isaiah 53:2-3

What does the “dry ground” represent?

How can a root grow in “dry” or essentially “dead” ground that gives no nutrient?

Why would Christ be described as having no “form” or “comeliness” or “beauty that we should desire him”?

Why did the people who were looking forward to the coming of the Messiah “despise and reject” Him?


READ Isaiah 53:4-5

If He is bearing our grief and sorrows, why do we esteem Him smitten of God?

Was Christ’s suffering “just”?


READ Isaiah 53:6 and John 10:27

How can Isaiah say that “all” have “gone astray”?

How do we find the true shepherd again?

What is implied by the fact that the God has laid on Christ the iniquity of us all going astray in our own ways?


READ Isaiah 53:8-9

Why did the Sanhedrin have the Romans crucify Christ?

If He died a criminal’s death, why was He buried in an honorable tomb worthy of the rich?


READ Isaiah 53:10-11 and Moses 7:47

Why were God and the Heavens pleased at Christ’s suffering?

Who are Christ’s seed?

What does it mean that He “prolonged His days?”

How does Christ “justify man?”


READ Isaiah 53:12

Why does Christ only retain a portion?

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