Sunday, September 4, 2022

The Wedding Feast (Isaiah 22-30) QUESTIONS

Note: For the material on Isaiah 7-21, see Book of Mormon posts on February 13th and 21st of 2020.


The Covenant Breakers

READ Isaiah 22:21-23

Who is being talked about here?

What power does He possess?


READ 2 Nephi 9:41

What does it mean that the Holy One of Israel is the keeper of the Gate to Heaven, and He doesn’t employ a servant there?


READ Isaiah 24:3-6

Why is the earth defiled?

What have they done?

What happens if the law is transgressed, ordinances are changed, and covenant is broken?

The Covenant Keeper’s Wedding Feast

But for those who are faithful and keep the Lord’s covenants unchanged…


READ Isaiah 25:4-5

Who are those who keep His covenants and receive his protection?


READ Isaiah 25:6-9

What will the Lord do in His “mountain”?

All are invited but who will attend the feast?


READ Matthew 22:2-14

Who ends up actually attending the feast?

Why are both “bad and good” invited from the highways?

What does the wedding garment symbolize?

Who provides the wedding garment?

So why would this man be found without the wedding garment?


READ Isaiah 26:3-4, 9

What mindset must you have to “put on the wedding garment”?



The Knowledge That Saves

READ Isaiah 28:9-10

Joseph said that knowledge saves a man (see TPJS 400:2), so what does this verse teach us about what we should be actively pursuing?

How do you receive this knowledge?


Now let’s talk about where that knowledge can be found, for those with eyes to see it…

READ Isaiah 29:9-14

Why has the “vision of all” become as the words of a book that is sealed?

We all know the story of Martin Harris and Professor Charles Anthon, so what is the sealed book?

If it is the Book of Mormon, why is it a “sealed book”?


Lastly, we have a comparison of two kinds of Saints – defined by how they react to the “marvelous work and a wonder”:

READ Isaiah 30:1, 9-13

What do the rebellious “children” (i.e. Saints) want?

What will happen to them when the Lord comes again?


READ Isaiah 29:18-19

What hope do these verses give us?

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