Sunday, September 11, 2022

The Furnace of Affliction (Isaiah 40-49) QUESTIONS

Christ Comes in Glory

READ Isaiah 40:3-5

What will happen when the Lord returns in glory?


READ Isaiah 40:12, 15, 18, 21-22, 25

Who is this Lord who is coming?


The Prophet Joseph Smith taught in the Lectures on Faith that we need a “correct idea of (God’s) character, perfections, and attributes” if we are to exercise faith in Him unto life and salvation (see LoF 3:2-5).  The character of God is described by Joseph as…

READ LoF 3:13-18

Why are these character attributes critical to our ability to exercise faith in Him?


READ Isaiah 40:28-31 and 11

What does He do for those who wait upon Him?

What is implied by the word “wait”?


READ Isaiah 41:11, 14

What does the Lord do to His peoples’ enemies?

Can his people defend themselves?



A Bruised Reed

READ Isaiah 42:3

What does a “bruised reed” symbolize?

What is the symbolism of the Lord not breaking the bruised pipe in two and discarding it?


READ Isaiah 43:24-25

What does “I have not caused thee to serve with an offering” mean?

An Acceptable Sacrifice

In the ancient religions, priests would sacrifice innocent victims to placate the Gods – what does the true and living God sacrifice?

Why does He do it?

What sacrifice does He require of us?


READ Isaiah 44:3-4

What does the fact that Israel is thirsty and dry imply?

How do His people react to the water?



A Refiner’s Fire

The Lord will save those who come unto Him and wait for Him – but what of those of Israel that profess His name while they turn away from Him in deed?

READ Isaiah 48:1-2, 4-5, 8

Who is the Lord talking to here?

If these are “active” Israelites, why would the Lord accuse them of idol worship?


READ Isaiah 48:8-11

Why is the Lord refining Israel for their own sakes?


READ Isaiah 48:16-17

Should this probationary state come as a surprise to us?

Who has been teaching and guiding us from the beginning?


READ Isaiah 48:18, 21 and 49:8

What are the Lord’s promises?

How are they administered to us?


READ Isaiah 49:13-16

What would it take for a woman to forget her nursing baby?

Why will the Lord never forget us?

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