Sunday, August 28, 2022

Hope of Israel (Isaiah 1-6) QUESTIONS

Background on Isaiah

Who was Isaiah?

How do we know that Isaiah’s prophesies apply specifically to our day?

Why did Nephi use Isaiah in his record?



Israel’s Last Days Hope

READ Isaiah 1:2-6

What is the Lord saying about His people?


READ Isaiah 1:11-13

Israel is continuing to “worship” Jehovah using all of the rites that have been revealed, so what is wrong?


READ Isaiah 1:16-20

Is there hope for Israel?

What happens if Israel does not hear Isaiah’s cry for repentance?


READ Isaiah 2:2-3 and Isaiah 5:26

Where will the Temple of the Lord be established in the Last Days?

What nations will flow unto this Temple?

What is being described in v.3?

How is Israel gathered?

Who in the Temple will teach Israel the Lord’s ways and how to walk in His paths?

What Temple is being referred to here?

What does it mean to walk in the Lord’s paths?

What is the “ensign to the nations” which will be “lifted up” above them and will enable them to come quickly to the Lord?


READ Isaiah 2:10-12

When the Lord comes, who will not abide the day?

Why does it say that the Lord ALONE shall be exalted in that day?



Israel’s Last Days Sins

Getting back to the sins of Israel that will cause them to be destroyed when the Lord comes…


READ Isaiah 3:14-15

What does “grind the faces of the poor” mean?

Who does this to the poor?


READ Isaiah 5:1-4

What are the grapes?

What is the vineyard?

What should the Lord do with His vineyard?


READ Isaiah 5:13-14

Who might take them captive because they have no knowledge?

What knowledge can keep His people from captivity?



Isaiah’s Redemption and Prophetic Call

READ Isaiah 6:1-5

What is a seraph?

What do the wings represent?

Why do the posts of the door move?

What does “woe is me, I am undone” mean?

Why is this his reaction?  He is a “prophet” so isn’t he worthy enough to see God, by definition?


READ Isaiah 6:6-7

How does God make it possible for any one of us to exist in His presence without being physically incinerated and mentally anguished beyond measure?

Is this fair?

What does the altar of incense represent?

What is the symbolism of the seraphim taking a coal off the altar of incense and touching Isaiah’s lips, making them clean?


READ Isaiah 6:8

How does Isaiah go from “woe is me” to “here am I, send me” in a few minutes?

Why is Isaiah so quick to volunteer when the Lord needs a messenger?


READ Isaiah 6:9-10

What is the Lord’s message through Isaiah?

What is the problem?

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