Sunday, August 21, 2022

Apostasy in the Last Days (Amos; Joel) QUESTIONS

Amos and the Role of Prophets

READ Amos 3:7

Why does the Lord follow this pattern?

What is the objective of having prophets?

What secret does the Lord not put in motion until He has revealed it first to His prophets?

What is most prophesy about?

What is the message of all true prophets?


READ Numbers 11:29

How does this verse inform Amos 3:7 and what are the implications?


READ Amos 7:10-17

Who was Amaziah?

How did Amos become a prophet?

How did the authorized Priests react to this outsider “prophet”?


READ Amos 6:1

What does it mean to be “at ease in Zion”?


READ Amos 8:11-14

In prophetic language, what does “the days will come” imply?

What does a “famine” of hearing the words of the Lord mean?

Where do the seekers go?

What does “faint for thirst” imply?



Joel’s Vision of the Second Coming

READ Joel 1:13-16

What will happen because of this “famine of hearing the word of the Lord”?


READ Joel 2:1-3, 11

Who is coming to destroy the wicked?

Who CAN abide the presence of the Lord and His Army from Heaven?


READ Joel 2:12-15

What is the difference between the Lord having mercy on Zion vs. destroying the other priests and elders?


READ Joel 2:28-32

What will happen in the last days to all those living in Zion?

Why will the Lord give them such wonderful and universal spiritual manifestations?

Who will these people be who survive the day?

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