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The “Reformers” Hezekiah & Josiah (2 Chronicles 29-34) QUESTIONS

King Hezekiah

READ 2 Chronicles 29:2-10

When Hezekiah did “right in the sight of the Lord, according to all that David had done,” what does this mean?

Why does he command the Levites to sanctify themselves and the Temple?

What happened to the people when they turned away their faces from the Lord?

Can we propose a covenant to God that He will honor?



Fast forward to Hezekiah’s great grandson…

King Josiah the Deuteronomist

READ 2 Chronicles 34:1-3

Who is 16-year-old King Josiah seeking after?

How does he seek after God?


READ 2 Chronicles 34:14, 18-22

What did they find in the Temple?

Why did the King rend his clothes when he heard the Law?

Why did the King ask that group to “inquire of the Lord for him?”

Who did the priest and the scribe go to for the answer from the Lord and why?


READ 2 Chronicles 34:23-28

Can the people still repent?

Who will be spared?

Revisionist History

How might the events of World War 2 have been changed in the history books if Germany had managed to create an atomic bomb first and won the war?

How will descendants of people who have perpetrated these lies find out they have been deceived and lost the truth?

How might these descendants react when confronted with the truth, especially if it is from an un-bonafide source?

What would have to happen for them to accept the truth?

How has Satan used these strategies with regards to the gospel?

How do we know that his happened to the Old Testament between this time period?

When did Lehi leave Jerusalem?

Why would Satan want to revise the scriptures and change the ordinances?

What is knowledge?

What knowledge saves?


READ JST Luke 11:52

How do the scriptures enable us to gain this knowledge?

What is the best way to avoid having the words of the Lord changed by people with ill intent?

Why did the Lord destroy much of Judah and take the remaining people captive if Josiah was restoring truth to them?

Why was this allowed to happen?

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