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Moses and the Passover (Exodus 1-3, 5-6, 11-14) QUESTIONS


There are two different accounts of how long the children of Israel stayed in Egypt - anywhere between 200 and 400 years, but regardless, what affect did it have on their cultural and religious beliefs?

Did the Israelites need to get to Canaan for the Abrahamic Covenant to be made available to them?

How would you describe the nation of Egypt back in the time of Moses?

What country in the world today could be described as today’s “Egypt”?

How is America in bondage to false gods, as the Egyptians were?



Moses is Rejected by Israel as their Deliverer

READ Acts 7:17-34

What status and experience did Moses have, growing up in Egypt?

Why did Moses kill the Egyptian overlord?

How did the Israelites react to Moses?

How did Moses react to this rejection by Israel?

What lessons can be learned from this experience?



The Burning Bush

READ Exodus 3:1-2

Where does the Lord speak to Moses?

What is happening with this “burning bush”?


READ Exodus 3:3-6

Who is the “angel” who appears to Moses?


READ Exodus 3:7-10

Why is the Lord delivering Israel?

Who will deliver Israel?


READ Exodus 3:11-12

Due, in part, to his previous failure 40 years before, Moses worries that he is not a capable tool for the Lord; what token does the Lord give Moses?


READ Exodus 3:13-14

When the personage says “I will go with thee” into Egypt, what name does He give Moses when asked?

Why is this name significant?

How does this set Yahweh apart from the gods of Egypt?


READ Exodus 3:16 and 4:1-9

What series of signs does the Lord give to Moses, in case the Children of Israel don’t believe that he has been sent from God to deliver them?



The Main Event: Moses versus Pharaoh

READ Exodus 6:6-7

What is the key to Israel’s deliverance from Egypt?


READ Exodus 4:31

This time, do the people believe that Moses is sent to deliver them?


READ Exodus 6:9-12

But how does the faith of the Children of Israel hold out?


READ Exodus 7-10

The Lord has Moses inflict Egypt with ten plagues - why does He do this?

Pharaoh’s magicians were able to copy several of the plagues, what does that teach us?

How do the plagues explicitly target the weaknesses of Egypt’s gods vis-a-vis Jehovah’s power?

Why was it important to expose the “god”, Pharaoh, as powerless?


READ Exodus 11:1-10

While the Israelites were spared from most of the first nine plagues, why did they have to do something to be spared the deaths of their own firstborn?



The Passover

READ Exodus 12:1-51

What was the outward ordinance the Lord commanded as a way to deliver Israel from death?

The symbolism of the lamb without blemish is obvious, but why were they commanded to care for the lamb for five days?

Why does the whole congregation spill the blood of the Lamb?

Why was the lamb to be roasted?

Why was all the Lamb’s meat to be eaten?

Why does each family unit partake of the Lamb together?

What do the bitter herbs symbolize?

Why did the yeast have to be removed from the house?

Why did they eat unleavened bread?

Why were they commanded to eat in haste, with shoes on feet and staff in hand?

Why was the blood of the lamb applied to the door frame?

When the Feast of the Passover was celebrated in ancient Israel, the youngest male present would ask “why is this night different from all other nights?”  How would you answer this?


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