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Noah (Genesis 6-9, 11; Moses 8)

Master Mahan & the Fullness of Iniquity

READ Ether 2:11 and D&C 101:11

What is the “fullness of iniquity”?

The point of no return, after which the Lord releases His angels to destroy that civilization.


Joseph Smith was quoted as saying “Noah came before the flood. I have come before the fire” (Journals of Abraham Cannon).  If the time of the Flood is a model for the days before the Second Coming of Christ - it would benefit us to learn more about what led to their destruction and how the righteous survived. To begin, we need to go back to the time of Adam.


READ Moses 5:12, 16, 18, 29-34

What does the fact that Cain became “perdition” imply on the statement that he loved Satan more than God?

He knew them both.

He knowingly chose between them.

While objective wickedness will enable a civilization to go toward the fullness, sinning knowingly against the light is a much more efficient way to get there.

What is the Master Mahan principle?

(Your) life for (my) money – to murder and get gain.

I am not my brother’s keeper.

Freedom from consequences (earthly, at least) - it is a secret covenant taken with an oath of death for any who betray the covenant (Moses 5:49-52).

It is the governing principle of success in this world as life doesn’t have to mean murder – grinding the faces of the poor to become more wealthy is another way to impact someone’s life for money – and this happens all of the time in this world.

On what principles are the “Two Ways” or more accurately the “Two Directions” of Zion and Babylon based?

Babylon or the Mahan Principle = My treasure at your expense.

Zion or the Doctrine of Christ = Sacrifice my whole soul and every material thing to/for Christ (and by extrapolation, my fellow men).


READ Moses 5:49-52

How is Lamech’s murdering different from Cain’s murder of Abel?

Lamech kills people who reveal the secret oath of Cain – the Master Mahan covenant.

Cain killed to get gain – specifically the Holy Order and the power of dominion that it enables.

They are the same in that the Mahan covenant enables you to get gain, but Lamech is killing to carry out the terms of the oath of secrecy and preserve the Mahan covenant while Cain is actually killing to gain (or so he thought; while he did gain Abel’s material possessions, he did not gain the right to the Holy Order).

What is an abomination?

That which is exceptionally loathsome or detestable.

That which is forbidden.

The religious justification of wrongdoing - it is motivated out of a false form of religious observance.

It is a true religious rite or principle that has been turned to evil - not used in the way God intended it, to worship Him and do all things according to His will - these things have been either been made profane (common) or used for evil (impacting the spiritual realm in a way not intended by God).


READ Moses 7:26 and Alma 12:11

What is the great chain that Satan uses to veil the whole earth in darkness?

Sin and iniquity.

It comes as a result of hardening hearts.

Rejecting the truth for what is pleasing to the world.

Loving Satan more than God.


READ Moses 7:32-34 and Moses 8:20-22, 28-30

Why is the Lord going to send in the floods – how can you tell they have reached the fullness of iniquity?

They have knowledge.

They have agency.

They have chosen to use that agency to disobey the knowledge they have been given (God lives, He has commanded us to be like Him and love each other, and to choose to follow and love Him not Satan).

They hate their own family.

They have embraced the Mahan principle - and uphold it through secret combinations.

They have left God’s covenant (from baptism of water and fire/born of the spirit to eternal marriage to the Second Comforter) and covenanted with Satan instead.

They are filled with pride - which is an imagination, not reality (because mankind is in reality less than the dust of the earth) - “mighty men of renown”, like unto “men of old”.

They do evil continually (they do not submit or even now understand the will of God, and they don’t care to).

As a result of this, the Earth had been corrupted.

And is filled with violence.

Who are the “men of old, men of great renown” that these “sons of God” are referring to?

Does it refer to Adam, Seth and Enoch? (Do they think they have spiritual power like the Patriarchs and hold the Priesthood after the Holy Order?).

Or is it Cain and Lamech? (who were mighty in material possessions and had spiritual power albeit dark power through an association with Satan and his dark spirits through the veil).


READ Moses 7:27 and Moses 8:24

What is happening to those that choose to humble themselves and receive the truth from the angels?

They are caught up to Enoch’s City of Zion, which is no longer on the earth.

Just because they missed the initial city of Zion and it’s ascendence doesn’t mean they can’t join it later – this is an example of the Lord’s mercy with His “wings” being “stretched out still” to receive all who will come unto Him until the end (see 3 Nephi 10:4-7).



Lessons from the Great Flood

READ Moses 7:42-43; Moses 8:13,19,25-27; Genesis 6:18

Why did the Lord save Noah’s family on the Ark instead of catching them up to save them in Zion?

They covenanted with God to continue the “experiment” on the Telestial sphere (mortal earth).

Almost sounds like God wanted to throw in the towel with regards to this earth - when His prophets (Noah “repenting” and Enoch “weeping”) feel the same.

For the golfers, it's a mulligan; for the gamers, it’s a reset.

What is an ark?

A large ship.

Something that affords protection and safety.

Something that represents the presence of God among mankind.

A repository for that which is most sacred.


READ Moses 7:61-62

What hope have we to escape the same fate as the people at the time of Noah?

We must follow the doctrine of Christ: believe in Christ, repent of our sins and be baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost.

Embrace ALL the “righteousness” and truth that the Lord will send, through whatever means or people He chooses to send it – including “wild men” who are not socially acceptable, like Enoch.

We must acquire our own covenant with Him through the ordinances of the Gospel – but it is in the living of those ordinances and the reality of the gifts of the spirit occurring in our lives which is key; dead rites will not help us. 

Become part of Zion - become able to abide the presence of the Lord.


READ Genesis 7:11-13

What were the weather conditions when Noah started and finished building the Ark?

Sunny with not much of a chance of anything peculiar.

“There was no evidence of rain and flood.  His warnings were considered irrational… How foolish to build an ark on dry ground with the sun shining and life moving forward as usual!  But time ran out.  The ark was finished.  The floods came.  The disobedient and rebellious were drowned.  The miracle of the ark followed the faith manifested in its building.”  (Spencer Kimball, Faith Precedes the Miracle, p5-6).

What kind of courage must we have to testify to the world that we must all repent and come unto Christ through covenant that we might walk with God, as did Noah and his family?

A great deal of courage because the world will hate you and fight against you.

The world will not believe you, but they will also feel threatened and want to stop the mouth of the messenger.



The Tower of Babel

READ Genesis 11:3-4

What are they trying to do in building a tower?

They are not trying to build a tower so tall it will get to heaven – the fact they had enough engineering knowledge to attempt to build such a tower suggests they realized it was impossible to do, even if it was built upon the top of the highest mountain.  

They were constructing a building which has special properties that allows access to the heavenly veil and enables man to actually enter the presence of God while mortal: a temple. 


READ Genesis 11:5-7

What is really going on here?

They have special knowledge about how to access the powers of heaven (the angels and Gods).

That knowledge is legitimate (likely from Noah and his sons, who had received the Fullness of the Priesthood and could stand in the presence of God), otherwise God would not be worried.

They will gain a great deal of power on earth from this association with spiritual powers.

They are “one” as a people in this endeavor.

For some reason, God is not happy with this building project - it is unauthorized: so it is an abomination.

How does God stop the project?

He confounds or changes their language.

He introduces an element that makes it difficult for them to remain one.

These people were attempting to build Zion but they were going about it the wrong way - what was wrong?

God had not authorized it - they were “partaking of fruit out of season”.

Zion is built as people come unto God and are one with Him, not with each other, regardless how noble their mortal objective might seem to be.

If they had each truly been one with God, how would the confounding of their language have affected them?

They could have done as Mahonri did and prayed for mercy.

Being one with God, they would have figured out how to overcome this new challenge to Zion through the Spirit.

Did anyone from this group or period actually end up experiencing Zion?

Shem/Melchizedek (Alma 13:14-18), who were not likely among this group.

Mahonri the Brother of Jared (Ether 1-3), who were a part of this group.


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