Sunday, February 20, 2022

Lot and the City of Sodom (Genesis 13-14, 18-19) QUESTIONS

From Genesis 11-13 and Abraham 1-2, what are the major events/movements in Abraham’s life up to this point?

Why did the Lord give Abraham the Land of Canaan but when he got there, he couldn’t inherit it and had to leave? (see Gen 12)


READ Genesis 13:5-9

What lessons does Abraham teach us regarding how to deal with conflict?

Abraham is still being tested to have faith in the hope he had received from the Lord, so what is the test Abraham is going through here?


READ Genesis 13:10-13

Why did Lot choose the plain over the Land of Canaan?

What does it mean to “pitch” one’s tent “toward Sodom”?


READ Genesis 13:14-17 (include JST 13:14 in footnote)

After Abraham had shown the Lord that his heart was not set upon material possessions, what did the Lord finally do?


READ Genesis 14:1-3, 7-16

What happened to Lot’s hope of military protection from Sodom and the kings of the cities of the plains for his ranching business?


READ Genesis 18:1-2

Three strangers show up at Abraham’s door, how did he recognize them so quickly?


READ Genesis 18:3-8

Using the Road to Emmaus and 3 Nephi 17 as precedent, what might have happened if Abraham had not constrained the three men to stay?

What implications can we draw from this experience?


READ Genesis 18:13-14

What is the difference between the Lord/angel’s perspective on Sarah’s ability to have a child in her old age, and Sarah’s perception?


READ Abraham 18:22-26 (including JST footnote)

What is the Lord’s intention in Sodom?

What is Abraham doing?


READ Genesis 18:26-33

What is the lesson from Abraham’s negotiation with the Lord to save Sodom?


READ Genesis 19:1-3

What is Lot’s situation in Sodom, post-war?

Does Lot recognize them as servants of the Lord, as Abraham did?

Why does Lot “press upon them greatly” to not sleep in the street?


READ Genesis 19:4-7; JST 19:9-15 (appendix), 19:11

What is the implication of Lot saying “let me plead with my brethren, this once only…”?


READ Genesis 19:12-16

Why did Lot and his family stay the night, have to be awakened, have to be hurried, have to be scolded for lingering, have to be actually removed from the city, after the angels told them the night before that THEY were the ones under orders from the Lord to destroy the cities of the plain?


READ Genesis 19:17-22

What is the angel trying to do when he urges Lot not look back but to escape to the mountain?

Why does Lot say “oh, not so, my Lord”?


READ Genesis 19:24-26

Why did Lot’s wife “look back” after being counseled by the angel not to?

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