Sunday, January 23, 2022

The Fall of Mankind (Genesis 3-4; Moses 4-5) QUESTIONS

The Fall of Mankind


READ Moses 3:16-17

What does "freely eat" imply?

What is the consequence of eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge?


READ Moses 4:6-26 and Genesis 3:1-20

In the Moses account Adam receives this commandment alone; what does he tell Eve the commandment is?

How does Satan use this well-intended but untrue precaution added by Adam to "protect Eve"?

What is the lesson we should learn from this event?

What changed with the Fall?

What are the consequences of the Fall of Man?

What are the worlds misconceptions about the Fall?

What truths about the Fall were restored through Joseph Smith?

What are the effects of the Fall on Mankind?

What does it mean that they are lost?

What is the Natural Man? (Mosiah 3:19)

Why is understanding the Fall of Adam so important?

What would have happened to Adam and Eve if they had waited to partake of the fruit until they were commanded?

Why did Eve transgress the commandment and partake of the fruit?


READ Moses 4:27 and Genesis 3:21

Who made the coats of skins for Adam and Eve?

Why did He make these garments for them and what is the symbolism?


READ Moses 4:28-31 and Genesis 3:22-24

Why did God drive Adam and Eve out of the Garden and place cherubim with a flaming sword to guard the Tree of Life?

What does it mean to become “as one of (them”), the Gods?



The Redemption of Adam


READ Moses 5:1-11

What does it mean that Adam had “domination” over all the beasts of the field?

Why do Adam and Eve still hear the voice of God if they are cast out of His presence?

Is there value in performing commandments without understanding why?

Why does the Lord tell them to offer animal sacrifices instead of the sacrifice of a broken heart and contrite spirit?

What happened when the Holy Ghost fell upon Adam?

When Adam said “in the flesh I shall see God”, what did he mean?



Cain, Abel and the Holy Order

READ Moses 5:12-15

What did Adam and Eve do with this experiential knowledge?

How did their children react?


READ Moses 5:16-41 and Genesis 4:1-16

Why did Eve say “…wherefore may not reject His (the Lord’s) words”?

Why did God reject Cain’s sacrifice?

Why was Satan especially interested in corrupting Cain?

Why did Cain end up killing Abel?

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