Sunday, January 30, 2022

Enoch (Moses 6-7) QUESTIONS

The Holy “Ancient” Order of Things


READ Moses 6:1-9

What is taught here about how and why God “made Himself known” unto Seth?


READ Moses 6:15

If the Holy Order holds dominion upon the earth, what does Satan hold dominion over?



Enoch the Wild Man


READ Moses 6:26-29

What is the message of all true prophets?

Why is the Lord angry at the people?


READ Moses 6:32-34

What priesthood power has God given to Enoch?

What is the relationship between "open thy mouth and it will be filled - I will give thee utterance" with "all thy words will I justify"?


READ Moses 6:35-36

What does it mean to "see" but not with the "natural eye"?

Why does the Lord ask him to first anoint his eyes with clay?


READ Moses 6:37-38

Why were “all” men offended because of Enoch?

What does calling Enoch a “wild man” imply?


READ Moses 6:42, 47

Why can Enoch stand in the presence of God but the people cannot even stand in Enoch’s presence when he speaks the words of God?


READ Moses 6:52, 57

What were the words God gave to Enoch?


READ Moses 6:61

What is the Gift of the Holy Ghost?


READ Moses 6:59-60, 64-66

What does it mean to be “born again?”

What does it mean that water, blood and spirit are the elements by which we are born into mortality?

What does it mean that water, blood and spirit are also the elements with which we are born of the Spirit?


READ Moses 6:67-68

What has happened to Enoch?

What does “thus may ALL become my sons” mean?



Enoch’s Zion


READ Moses 7:1

What happened in Enoch’s time?


READ Moses 7:13-17

How did the Lord protect His people from the armies of the world?


READ Moses 7:18-19

How did the people of Zion live, as a result of being in the presence of the Lord?


READ Moses 7:20-21

What happens to this Zion people and why?


READ Moses 7:61-63

What will happen to the latter day Zion?


READ Moses 7:27

What is the role of the angels or messengers of God?


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