Monday, December 20, 2021

And His Name Shall Be Called

On this longest night and coming darkest day, I wanted to share a way I worship the Lord - by reflecting on His many names and titles - including the merits behind them and the mercy that He extends to me because of who He is and what He has done.  If you have other names and titles for Christ that are meaningful to you, please consider adding them in the comments, with your thoughts.  

And His name shall be called:

Wonderful Counsellor

The Mighty God

The Very Eternal Father

Prince of Peace

Jesus Christ

Son of God

The Messiah

Anointed One



Redeemer of the World

King of Kings

Lord of Lords

Lord of All

The Good Shepherd

The Lamb of God

Beloved Son

Only Begotten

Little Lord Jesus

Carpenter’s Son





Holy One

El Shaddai

God of Israel

King of the Jews

Lion of Judah

The Son of David

Light of the World

Life of the World

Bread of Life

Fountain of Living Water

Fisher of Men

Walker in the Path

The Way

Keeper of the Gate

The Suffering Servant


I Am



Logos, the Word


Jesus of Nazareth

The Son of Man

The Bridegroom

Chief Cornerstone


The Branch

The True Vine

Bright & Morning Star



Great Physician


Advocate & Intercessor



Years ago, in a talk called "With Healing in His Wings", BYU professor Stephen Robinson shared a poem that I love which references that last name, Shiloh.  

The path for some is never lighted

Their love poured out, all unrequited

The wrongs they suffered, never righted

Till Shiloh comes

Some promises remain unspoken

To faithful hearts that lay all broken

Instead of coins, they get a token

Till Shiloh comes

Some old wounds are never healed

While answers sought but not revealed

Leave God's purpose all concealed

Till Shiloh comes

And some noble souls seem quite forsaken

Their dreams and hopes like plunder taken 

Their looted hearts left empty, aching

Till Shiloh comes

From such pains, oh God, keep me secure

But if not, through hell let me stay sure

And in the dark, let me endure

Till Shiloh comes!

It is my prayer upon this Christmas season that we may all seek out the Lord Jesus Christ and that He might make Himself known unto each of us - that He might come unto us, that we might worship Him and know Him with a surety.  In His name, amen.

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