Sunday, October 24, 2021

Prototype of the Saved Being (Lectures on Faith 7) QUESTIONS

The Effects of Faith in Heaven and on Earth


READ LoF 7:1-2

Can you articulate a brief summary of the effects of faith?

What does the phrase “nor has there been a change or a revolution in any of the creations of God but it has been effected (or caused) by faith” imply?

What does the phrase “faith as it existed in himself or in some other being” imply?


READ LoF 7:3-5

What does it mean that faith is exercised by words or mental exertion?

If faith is about mental exertion instead of physical force, what is implied regarding how the cosmos was framed and continues to exist from moment to moment?

What is implied by the phrase “back to the beginning and carries it forward to the end, or in other words, from eternity to eternity”?


READ LoF 7:6-8

Why is God pleased by our faith?

What is the ultimate “effect of faith”?



The Prototype of the Saved Being


READ LoF 7:9

How does Joseph Smith know that the doctrine he is teaching here is true?

What is the difference between a saved person and one who is not saved?

What does it mean to act in the presence of God?

What is a prototype?

What does it mean that Christ is the prototype of the saved being?

Why can’t two beings who are different both be saved?

What does it mean to be precisely like Christ and nothing else?



The Way to Salvation for Mankind


READ LoF 7:10-14

What does it mean to be perfect?

Is it possible to keep all of the commandments?

How can fallen mortals like us become precisely like Christ and nothing else?

What does it mean that these deeds are not to be done in “time” but that Christ’s attaining to the resurrection and leaving to reside with His Father will enable you to accomplish them?

How does one become one with the Father and what is the Father’s glory?


READ LoF 7:15-16

Why do the Father and Son have the glory they have?

What is being taught here regarding the relationship between salvation and theosis (becoming a God)?

Who makes us a God?

How does this doctrine make Lucifer’s argument or plan more appealing?


READ LoF 7:17

What is the connection between acting in faith and being a God?

Does everyone receive according to their faith or according to their obedience to eternal law?

Why do those with true faith receive the many spiritual blessings and manifestations listed?


READ LoF 7:18-20

Does God want us to know “all other things which pertain to life and godliness” or are seeking for these things “looking beyond the mark”?

How can you tell that you really have faith?

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