Sunday, October 10, 2021

Knowledge Through Sacrifice (Lectures on Faith 6) QUESTIONS

An Actual Knowledge of Your Standing Before God


READ LoF 6:1-2

What is an “actual knowledge”?

What is the difference between having an “actual” knowledge that one’s course of life is according to the will of God and “having faith” that it is?

When Christ gives you an actual knowledge that the course of life you are pursuing is in accordance with His will, what is really happening?


READ LoF 6:3-6

What happens after one has received this “actual knowledge” from God regarding their standing?

How do those who have received this actual knowledge from God react to the tribulations they are faced with?

What happens if we do not receive an actual knowledge from God regarding our standing before Him?

Why will the worldly always persecute those who know Christ personally and are filled with His light?

What does the Lord ask us to lay down?

Why is this the case?



Obtaining That Knowledge Through Sacrifice


READ LoF 6:7

How does one obtain the knowledge that the course s/he is pursuing in this life is according to the will of God?

Why is sacrifice required to obtain this knowledge or promise of eternal life from God?

Does the religion require this sacrifice?

What if you “believe” you were called to make a specific sacrifice of this nature by God but you were mistaken?


READ LoF 6:8-12

Why is it vain to fancy ourselves “safely dead” after this life because we have remained active in the Church, if we have not offered our all in sacrifice and know that the sacrifice was accepted by receiving the sure knowledge of our standing before God?

What is the difference between making a covenant “to sacrifice” and making a covenant “by sacrifice”?

Who does God use to gather His saints unto Him?

Why will one who has not received an assurance or promise from God regarding their acceptance lack the faith to be saved?

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