Sunday, September 12, 2021

God’s Character and Attributes (Lectures on Faith 3-4) QUESTIONS

A Correct Idea of God’s Character


READ LoF 3:2-5

What is necessary for any rational and intelligent being to exercise faith in God unto salvation?

Why is it important to have a correct idea of God’s character, perfections and attributes?

How does one gain an actual knowledge regarding one’s life course and standing before the Lord?

What is the difference between “perfect and fruitful” faith and “imperfect and non-productive” faith – isn’t it better to have faith of any kind than no faith at all?


READ LoF 3:6-7

Why can no one find out God by searching for Him; why must He reveal Himself?


READ LoF 3:8-11

What are God’s primary character traits and why do they enable our faith?


READ LoF 3:19

Why is the fact that there is no God greater than the Father essential to faith unto salvation?

How can God be over all, from everlasting to everlasting and that there is none greater than He who could disrupt His plans, if Jesus saw the Father perform an atonement on another world where He was acting the role of Savior – implying that He had a Father who is greater?


READ LoF 3:20

Whose goodness or righteousness is our salvation dependent upon and what is implied?


READ LoF 3:21

If God is absolutely unchangeable, why has the gospel changed over time?


READ LoF 3:22

Although God cannot lie, He seems to have a history of withholding truth from mankind in a way that could be construed as deceptive; is this the case and does it undermine faith?


READ LoF 3:23

If God is no respecter of persons, why does He have “chosen people”?


READ LoF 3:24

Why is understanding God’s love for us absolutely essential for our faith?


READ LoF 3:25-26

How do we best learn about God’s characteristics?



A Correct Idea of God’s Attributes


READ LoF 4:2-10, 17

What are God’s faith promoting attributes?


READ LoF 4:11

What aspect of knowledge enables us to have faith in God?


READ LoF 4:12

Why is the attribute of power even important to discuss, as this is God we are talking about?


READ LoF 4:13

Why do we need a just God to have faith in, while hoping that we do not receive justice from His hand for our sins?


READ LoF 4:14

How is the attribute of “judgement” different from “justice”?


READ LoF 4:15

What two aspects of the mercy of God is Joseph Smith highlighting here?


READ LoF 4:16

How is God a god of truth?


READ LoF 4:18-19

What gives the Latter-day Saints the same power and authority to exercise faith in God that any of the former-day saints had?

What would cause the Latter-day Saints to lose the power and authority to exercise faith in God unto salvation?


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