Sunday, August 29, 2021

God of the Fathers (Lectures on Faith 2) QUESTIONS

A Knowledge That God Actually Exists

READ LoF 2:1-2

Why is defining “the object upon which faith rests” correctly, so important?

Who must the principle of faith be grounded in, and why?

What is the problem with placing your faith in anything or anyone else, including a loved one, the leader of a Church, or even the true Church (institution) itself?

Why is it difficult to exercise faith in God if the combination of Their traits and love mean that They cannot fail you?


READ LoF 2:3-4

What are the evidences mankind have had to believe in the existence of a living God?


READ LoF 2:5-12

What was mankind’s situation at their creation upon this earth?


READ LoF 2:13-19

What is implied about Adam “not being left without intelligence” while in the garden?

What is implied by the fact that the Fall did not deprive Adam of the knowledge of God he had gained previously in the Garden of Eden?


READ LoF 2:20-25

What motivated Adam to continue to pray and offer sacrifices to God “for many days” without any sign of acknowledgement from heaven?


READ LoF 2:30

How did Adam first become acquainted with the existence of a God?

Why did God continue to communicate to man after the Fall via His voice but not face to face?


READ LoF 2:31, 33-35

How did Adam’s children and the rest of posterity first conceive of the thought that a God existed?


READ LoF 2:32

What is implied by the fact that God continued to speak to Cain AFTER the murder of his brother?


READ LoF 2:36

What can be implied about all the different religions of the world from the fact that Adam walked with God before and after he fell?

What differentiated Abel’s experience with God from the rest of his brothers and sisters?


READ LoF 2:37-53

Why did Joseph Smith go to the trouble of laying out the lifespans of the patriarchs?


READ LoF 2:54-56

What is the proper role of men, women and a Church with regards to your faith?

What is “the most glorious discovery”?

What is “the eternal certainty” that we most want?

What is implied by Joseph Smith’s statement “the inquiry…always terminated when rightly pursued”?

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