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The Olive Leaf (D&C 88) Part 2 QUESTIONS

God Moving in His Glory


READ D&C 88:41 (and the last sentence of v40)

How does the fact that “judgement goeth before the face” of God in His role as governor and executor of all things inform quantum physics?

How can God be both “in and through all things,” while He is also “round about all things”?

What is the difference between being “of Him” and “by Him”?

What does it mean that a law was given unto all things?

What is the relationship between law and movement?

If light proceeds from God to fill the immensity of space, then what is implied by the fact that the stars and planets “give light to each other in their times and seasons”?

What does it mean that to observe the earth and heavens is to “see God”?

What does darkness see or comprehend when light shines?

Why does the darkness not comprehend the light?

How does one comprehend light? (see also v67-68)

What does it mean that Christ is the true light that is in us; how can Christ be “in” us?



The Parable of the Field Laborers


READ D&C 88:51-61

How would you summarize the basic facts of this parable?

How are the master and servant glorified in each other?

How does this parable give insight into “all these kingdoms and their inhabitants”?



Single to God’s Glory


READ D&C 88:62-66

Why does the Lord tell each servant when He will be visiting them?

What things are expedient for us and what things shall be turned unto our condemnation?

If this knowledge is important, why does Christ just leave these sayings with us to ponder in our hearts instead of just being clear?

What does it mean that God is “crying in the wilderness” and why does He do that?

How do we attune our hearing to God?

What does it mean that Christ’s voice is Spirit and that His Spirit is truth?

Why does God use words by His voice and Holy Spirit, instead of feelings?


READ D&C 88:67-74

How does one “sanctify themselves” – isn’t sanctification something that the Lord does to us through His Spirit?

What does it mean that one’s mind becomes single to God?

How does one’s “eye” or mind become single to God’s glory and one’s body filled with light?

How will Christ show Himself to you?


READ D&C 88:75

What event is being described in this verse?

What does the phrase “blood of this wicked generation” mean and how are we cleansed from it?



Prepared in All Things – Part 1


READ D&C 88:76-83

Why is prayer and fasting the commandment Christ now gives, to enable one to receive their calling and election?

Why are we to teach each other the doctrines of the kingdom; aren’t we supposed to exercise faith and go directly to God (see D&C 88:118)?

What compels those who have been warned to warn their neighbors?

Why are the sins of our generation shared among us all unless we warn our neighbors of what we know?

What does it mean to seek Christ “early” and why will s/he find Him if s/he does this?



From Winding Up Scene Through the End of the World


READ D&C 88:87-116

How long is “not many days hence”?

What is the meaning of the sun hiding its face, the moon bathed with blood, and the stars are so angry they cast themselves down from heaven?

Whose testimony is the testimony of earthquakes, storms and natural disasters and why do they follow the testimony of the prophets?

Will angels really fly through the heavens with actual messages we can hear?

What is the “great Church” of abominations?

Why is there silence in heaven before the Lord will reveal Himself in glory?

What does it mean that the curtain of heaven will be unfolded as a scroll and the face of the Lord will be unveiled?

What does it mean that the saints on the earth will be quickened and caught up to meet Christ?

What is the “pillar of heaven”?

What is the difference between being “made equal” to Christ and being “precisely like” Christ?

Why are the works and thoughts of men contrasted with the works of God in each period of the earth’s history?

What will there be if there is “time no longer”?

What will the devil and his angels be fighting for after the Millennium?

Why did God loose the devil after he had been caught and imprisoned for 1000 years?

Where is the devil and his follower’s “own place”?

What does it mean that the sanctified will not anymore see death and what is implied about those who are not sanctified?



Prepared in All Things - Part 2


READ D&C 88:118

What does “as all have not faith” imply about the best way to learn?

What stops us from going to the Lord to receive light and knowledge directly?

How can we successfully go to the Lord to learn from Him?

What is the difference between scientific empirical process and the Lord’s process of faith?

Why does the Lord use a different process?


READ D&C 88:119-126

Why does the Lord talk about establishing a temple, right after His counsel to us that learning directly from God in an experiential way which “quickens” us is better than going to other men and the best books?

Why are seven things listed?

How do the seven show a progression of light and truth?

Temple is an obvious definition for the word “House of God” but what is another definition and what is implied?

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