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The Olive Leaf (D&C 88) Part 1 QUESTIONS

Joseph Smith called this revelation an “olive leaf plucked from the Tree of Paradise (see Revelation 2:7), the Lord’s message of peace to us” (see TPJS 25:2). 


The Holy Spirit of Promise


READ D&C 88:1-5

What actually happens in heaven when we pray?

What does the Holy Spirit of Promise do?

Who sends this “other Comforter” or Holy Spirit of Promise?



The Light of Christ


READ 88:6-13

Why was Christ required to suffer and die by His Father who is a “God of love”?

How many times is the statement “in all things” made and why – what is the significance?

How does truth “shine”?

What is the light of Christ?

What does it mean that Christ was “in the sun” and also in the “light of the sun”?

How is the light of Christ the power of God, by which the sun, moon, stars and earth were made – isn’t that the priesthood?

What does it mean that the light which “enlighteneth your eyes” is the same light which “quickenth your understandings”?

Why does the light proceed forth from the presence of God?

How can the light fill the immensity of space and be in all things – what about black holes?

How does the light which is in all things give life to all things?

How is the light which is in all things also the law by which all things are governed?



Resurrection, Eternal Law and Kingdoms of Glory


READ D&C 88:14-19

What constitutes the “soul” of man?

What is the difference between the “redemption of the soul” and the “redemption from the fall of man” (see Ether 3:13)?

What must needs be sanctified from all unrighteousness that “it” may be prepared for the celestial glory?

What does it mean to be crowned with glory?


READ D&C 88:36-40

What is implied by the fact that there is no space in which there is no kingdom and all kingdoms have a law given?

Who gives the laws that these various kingdoms must abide by?

In eternity, degrees of glory are associated with obedience to different degrees of eternal law, so what is implied about our current standing before God in mortality and the level of law we are now living?

So, what must we do to inherit a higher degree of glory than that which we currently have?

Why is forgiveness through Christ’s atonement not enough to justify you in the ultimate sense – why must you be able to abide by the conditions (laws of a given kingdom) on your own merits?

Why do “like” things attract each other and repel unlike things?


READ D&C 50:23-25

How can you tell what is “of God”?

What do we learn here about the nature of light?


READ D&C 88:20-35

Why would people who do not abide by the Celestial Law not be able to abide a Celestial glory?

How do we know we are not abiding by a Celestial Law now?

If God has not given us a commandment, personally, that we don’t have the capability of keeping, why would some people not be “able to abide the law of a celestial kingdom”?

What is a kingdom that is “not a kingdom of glory”?

What does it mean that the Earth abides by the Law of the Celestial Kingdom?

How does the Earth abide by the Law of the Celestial Kingdom when it has fallen (is separated from God)?

Why will the Earth still die if it abided by the Law of the Celestial Kingdom, if death is the wage of sin?

What is the relationship between resurrection to a certain spirit/glory/quickening and eternal law?

What is implied by the statement that “ye who are quickened by a portion of the celestial glory shall then receive…a fullness”?

What is implied by the term “fullness of telestial glory”; I thought that only the Celestial glory comprised a “fullness”?

Who are “they who remain” and where is their “own place”?

What does it mean to “enjoy what you are willing to receive”?

What is implied by the fact that many are not willing to enjoy that which they might have received?

Who are those who seek to become a law unto themselves?

What is implied by the fact that only those who won’t abide by Law remain filthy still?

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