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Visions of Glory (D&C 76 & 137) Part 2 QUESTIONS

Vision of Celestial Glory

READ D&C 76:50-70

What have those resurrected to Celestial glory done on earth?

What is “the testimony of Jesus” and why is it referred to as “THE” testimony of Jesus rather than “a” testimony of Jesus?

When must one receive this testimony to receive a Celestial glory?

If baptism is “according to the commandment”, what does it mean that by “keeping the commandments” we might be washed and cleansed?

What does it mean that someone has been “ordained and sealed” unto the power of being able to give the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands?

What happens if you have not had hands laid on your head to receive the Holy Ghost by one who has been ordained and sealed unto this power?

What does “to overcome by faith” mean; what is being overcome and how it is done by faith?

What does it mean to be sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise?

What is the Church of the Firstborn?

Why would the Lord give us “all things” in return for the sacrifice of our whole souls, as this is not an even exchange?

What does it mean to be a king or queen and priest or priestess in heaven?

What was the original name of the Melchizedek Priesthood?

Why is it written that they are gods, even the sons of God?

Why does it say “shall overcome” instead of “have overcome” all things?

Why should no one glory in mankind, given the fact that “they are gods”?

Why would we want to dwell in the presence of God forever?

Why does verse 62 speak of “His Christ” – is there another Christ?

Who will come with the Lord when He returns in glory?

Why is being “just” so important to our salvation and how is it related to being “righteous”?

What is “Mount Zion” and why do the scriptures use that particular metaphor?

Why is the kingdom of God thought of as a city?

Why compare the kingdom to both a mountain and a city at the same time – why are these two metaphors mixed here?

Why does it say they “are” come to Mount Zion rather than they “will” come to it?

Where is the Mount Zion being referenced here?

Who are the “innumerable company of angels” and why are they innumerable?

How does one come unto the innumerable company of angels?

What is the difference between the “General Assembly” and the “Church of the Firstborn”?

What is the significance of one’s name being written in heaven?

What is implied about the fact that God and Christ make no mistakes in their judgements of us?

What does “just men made perfect through Jesus” mean?

What does it mean to say that Christ is the “mediator” of the new covenant?

What does it mean that Christ “shed His own blood” in working out the atonement?

What does the word “glory” mean?

What does it mean to have a celestial body?


READ D&C 76:92-96

What does it mean to “see as you are seen and to know as you are known”?

What is implied by the fact that the Father “makes” those in the Church of the Firstborn equal in power, might and dominion?

READ D&C 137:2-4

Why does Joseph Smith describe the Celestial kingdom like this?

What is the Throne of God shaped like and why?


READ D&C 137:5-6

Who did Joseph see in the Celestial Kingdom and what is implied?

Why is Joseph surprised to see his brother Alvin?


READ D&C 137:7-10

What does “would have received it with all their hearts” mean?

What does “judge according to their works... desire of their hearts” imply?

God has never given instruction, commandments or revelations to guide mankind to receive a Telestial or Terrestrial glory - all that He commands is intended to EXALT mankind; why is this so?

How great is the ascent or climb to inherit Celestial glory, or in other words, what will it take to become “precisely” like Christ (see LoF 7:9)?



Vision of Terrestrial Glory


READ D&C 76:71-80, 91, 97

How does the glory of the moon differ from that of the sun?

What “law” did the terrestrial die without receiving?

Why is it fair that these receive terrestrial glory instead of celestial as they never received the law which would have enabled them to have qualified for celestial glory?

What is implied about the “spirit prison” by saying that these are those to whom Christ came and visited?

What is the difference between those he taught in the spirit prison who had died firm in the hope of a glorious resurrection and this group, who He also taught, who had not died with such a hope?

What does it mean that they didn’t receive the testimony of Jesus in the flesh but afterwards received it?

Does “received not” the testimony of Jesus mean the same as “rejected” the testimony of Jesus?

What does it mean to not be valiant in the testimony of Jesus?

How are honorable men blinded by the “craftiness” of others?

Why are they still condemned to Terrestrial glory?

What is implied by the fact that one can “receive of His glory, but not of His Fullness”?

What would stop someone from receiving a fullness of glory?



Vision of Telestial Glory


READ D&C 76:81-90 

Who will inherit the Telestial Kingdom?

What does it mean to say that someone receives neither the gospel nor the testimony of Jesus?

What does it mean that the Telestial “deny not” the Holy Spirit when they don’t act in a way to have that spirit with them?

What does “thrust down to hell” mean?

Why does it describe those in the Telestial kingdom as “thrust down to hell” when it is also described as a kingdom of glory?

What is implied by our need to be “redeemed from the devil” and what does this mean?

How do the inhabitants of the Telestial kingdom receive the Holy Spirit?

How can the inhabitants of the Telestial world be “heirs of salvation” if Christ is the prototype of the saved being and to be saved means to be precisely like He is (see LoF 7:9)?


READ D&C 76:98-113

Why is the celestial glory “one” and the terrestrial glory is “one” but the Telestial glory is “one” as “one star differs from another in glory” – in other words, they are all stars (not a sun or moon) but they are all different from each other?

What does it mean “who are of Paul” or “some of John”?

What will happen to you in the afterlife if you have “followed the prophet” in mortality?

If those who inherit Telestial glory are very religious but they are liars, what do they lie about?

What does it mean that some individuals who inherit Telestial glory are “some of Christ” but received not His gospel, neither His testimony nor covenant?

Will those who inherit Telestial glory still be wicked?

How can the wicked be servants of the most High God?

How do these suffer the wrath of God on earth when almost all of the most successful people in the world will fall into this category?

When are the “fullness of times”?

What is implied by the fact that Christ must “perfect” His work?

What kingdom will Christ “deliver up and present” spotless to the Father?

Why does Christ focus here on His suffering rather than on His resurrection?

What does verse 109 suggest about how many people will go to the Telestial Kingdom?

What do those who inherit Telestial glory obtain and why do they obtain it?

What is implied by the fact that “where God and Christ dwell” the Telestial cannot come, worlds without end?

What does “worlds without end” imply?



Preparing In Mortality for Celestial Glory


READ D&C 76:114-119

Why were Joseph and Sidney shown both the Celestial Kingdom and outer darkness?

Why is man not capable of making some things known?

What does it mean to “see” and “know”?

To whom does God grant this privilege of seeing and knowing for oneself?

When does He grant this privilege?

Why must one receive Christ’s ministry in the flesh?

What happens if we fail to receive Christ’s ministry in the flesh?


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