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The High Priesthood (D&C 84 & 107) QUESTIONS

READ D&C 84:2-5

Why would the Lord (who has all things before His face) say that the New Jerusalem “shall” be built in Independence, MO in “this” generation who shall not pass away until a house shall be built and accepted by the Lord through His presence, when He knew that the Saints would be driven from Missouri and never even begin the temple there?



The High Priesthood After the Holy Order of the Son of God


READ D&C 107:1, 5-6

Why do these verses refer to two priesthoods but Joseph talked about a single priesthood, then three priesthoods (Aaronic, Melchizedek, Patriarchal), while the Temple endowment implies four levels of priesthood?


READ D&C 107:2-4

What is the true name of the High Priesthood?


READ D&C 84:6-16 and D&C 107:48-49

What does it mean for the priesthood to be received “under the hand” of another?

What is the difference between Moses’ ordination under the hand of Jethro and Esaias’ reception of the priesthood under the hand of God?

What is the difference between Enoch’s ordination under the hand of Adam and his blessing at age 65?

How does one receive the actual High Priesthood?

How did Joseph Smith receive the High Priesthood?


READ D&C 84:17-22 and D&C 107:18-19

What does it mean that the High Priesthood continues “in the Church of God in all generations” if we know that the children of Israel lost it at the time of Sinai and the Latter-day Saints had lost it by 1841?

What does it mean that the High Priesthood is “without beginning of days or end of years”?

If the Aaronic Priesthood holds the keys of the gospel of repentance, baptism and the ministering of angels (v26), then what does it mean that the High Priesthood “administers the gospel”?

What key does this priesthood hold?

What is the key of the mysteries of the kingdom?

What is the “knowledge of God”?

What is “godliness” and how is it manifest?

What does it mean that “in the ordinances thereof, the power of godliness is manifest”?

What is the difference between having a “form” of Godliness (see JSH 1:19) and manifesting the power of Godliness?

Do you have to hold the High Priesthood to see God’s face?

What does it mean, then, that without the power and authority of the higher priesthood, that no one can see the face of the Father and live?

What does this mean for women?

So, what keys does the High Priesthood hold?


READ D&C 107:53-56

What do we now understand about the fact that Adam and his direct line of seven descendants were “high priests”?

What was Adam trying to do with the “residue of his posterity” at Adam-ondi-Ahman?


READ D&C 84:23-25

What was Moses’ goal with regards to the children of Israel?

Who can and should receive these blessings?

How did the children of Israel react to Moses’ invitation for them to enter God’s presence in the flesh?

How did God react to their rejection of His invitation?

What does it mean that God took Moses out of their midst when he continued to reside with them for many more years in the desert?

What is the “rest of the Lord”?

What is implied by the fact that the Lord wanted the children of Israel to enter His presence?

What is implied by the fact that Moses also wanted them to enter God’s presence?

What was Moses trying to build or establish?

What is implied by the fact that the Lord included this account in a revelation to Joseph Smith?


READ D&C 84:26-27 and D&C 107:20

What priesthood were the children of Israel left with?

Why was the Lord so angry when they hardened their hearts?

Why was the lesser priesthood given?

What does this imply about ministering angels, the gospel of repentance and baptism, and the carnal commandments?


READ D&C 84:28

What does it mean that John the Baptist was given power to overthrow the Kingdom of the Jews, especially as they killed him?


READ D&C 84:29

Why is an “office” like elder a “necessary appendage to” the Priesthood and not an office IN the priesthood?



The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood


READ D&C 84:33-40

What is an oath?

What is a covenant?

Who makes “the oath and covenant of the priesthood” and what is it?

Why can’t the Father break this covenant?

What must we do to qualify for the Lord to offer this covenant by oath to us?

If priesthood is an association between mankind and gods/angels, what does it mean to magnify your “calling” in the priesthood?

How do you cultivate a relationship with Gods and angels?

What does receiving these priesthoods make you?

What do those who obtain and magnify these priesthoods receive?

How are these promises received?

When is the oath and covenant given by the Father to the individual?

Why does the Father desire to extend to us this High Priesthood through His “oath and covenant”?


READ D&C 84:41-42

How do we know that we are NOT talking about an ordination to the office of High Priest in the Melchizedek Priesthood, as we traditionally understand it?

Who is commanded to receive this priesthood?

Who teaches you the way to “magnify” this priesthood?

What happens to us if we are not faithful in obtaining this Highest Priesthood?

Are we under condemnation for not receiving this Priesthood in greater numbers?

We have been called but a massive majority have not been chosen, so who does the “choosing”?


READ D&C 84:43-48

What is the “word of the Lord”?

What is the connection between living by God’s every word and gaining the Spirit of Christ?

Why does the Lord say “live by every word” not “live by every feeling”?

How does the Spirit of Christ guide us to obtain the High Priesthood?

Is it possible to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God?

How can you tell when a person is in possession of this priesthood?



The Church Under Condemnation


READ D&C 84:49-53

What is sin?

Why is sin a bondage?

What is the result of this bondage to sin?

How can you know if you are in the bondage of sin?


READ D&C 84:54-59

What brought the Church into condemnation in 1832?

What is unbelief and how does it darken the mind?

What does the Lord mean when He accuses the Church of vanity?

What is condemnation?

How is the Book of Mormon (or other written scriptures) a covenant?

How has the Church treated lightly the things that it has received?

What is the result of the Church being under condemnation?

Was that condemnation ever lifted?

What will lift the condemnation?

What is the purpose of this covenant?

Does the priesthood of God exist separate from the Church and what is implied?

What does it mean “not only to say but to do” what has been written?



Signs Shall Follow Them That Believe


READ D&C 84:63-73

Why do signs follow an efficacious baptism by water and fire?

How do you know if someone actually possesses the High Priesthood?


READ D&C 84:74

What is damnation?

What will damn people?

What is implied about those who are damned?


READ D&C 84:88

What surprise will those that receive Christ’s servants receive?

What is the nature of the relationship the Lord has with His High Priests (v63)?


READ D&C 84:98-102

What kind of relationship does the Lord want with all mankind?

What does He mean “who remain”?

What is implied about the fact that all will know Christ, from the least to the greatest?

What is the “new song” that those who know Christ will sing?

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