Sunday, February 28, 2021

The Law of the Lord (D&C 4 & 42) QUESTIONS

 READ D&C 38:32 and D&C 42:2-3

Why is God giving the Saints His Law?



The Lord’s First Commandment: Missionary Work to the Lamanites


READ D&C 42:4-9

Why is the Lord’s first commandment that the Saints go spread the gospel?

Those preaching the gospel are commanded to lift up their voices “as with the sound of a trump;” what is the trumpet a symbol of in scripture?


READ D&C 28:8-9, D&C 45:64-71 and Ether 13:6-12

Who is to build the New Jerusalem in America?

Where is the New Jerusalem to be built?


READ D&C 42:11-17

Why is authority to teach so important?

What is the alternative if a teacher or leader has not received the Spirit?

Why were the missionaries unsuccessful in converting or even finding the Remnant?



The Law of Consecration


READ D&C 42:29-34, 38-39, 53-55

What does consecrate mean?

To whom do our resources belong?

What does the Lord ask us to consecrate?

What is the purpose of consecration?

How was the Law of Consecration instituted in the 1830s?

Tithing took the place of the law of consecration; when do you think the Church will reinstitute consecration in our day?

So, how should we live the law of consecration today?

What is the relationship between the Law of Consecration, the “Golden Rule” (see Matthew 7:12) and the “Second Great Commandment” (see Mark 12:29-31)?

Who is our “neighbor”; who should we be consecrating our substance and time to help?

To whom do we make such consecrations, as the Church will not currently use them in the way laid out in these scriptures?

Why is it important that what we give for the support of the poor be consecrated?

What is a surplus; how much of your resources should you righteously use for yourself/family and how much should you dedicate to helping others?

How do we consecrate our surplus to support others?

Why does the Lord want us to sacrifice all things?

Why would we want to consecrate all things?


READ D&C 4:2-7

What is the “work” to which we are called?

What do these verses describe?


READ D&C 42:42

What does this verse imply about those who receive support?

Before the twentieth century, there was no such thing as the “idle poor” because they would not have been able to survive without some kind of labor (i.e. begging would count as labor in this instance), so what did “idle” refer to when this revelation was given in the 1830’s?



The Laws of God


READ D&C 42:18-26

These verses mention three sins: lying, lust, and adultery; what is the relationship between these three sins?


READ D&C 42:43-52

Does the Lord wish that everyone had the faith to be healed?

What promises does the believing person who lacks faith (in this case, to be healed), but receives a blessing from the elders, have from the Lord?

What does it mean to die “in me” and is that different than dying “unto me”?

What does it mean that those who die “in Christ” shall not “taste of death, for it shall be sweet unto them”?


READ D&C 42:61

What is the relationship between revelation and eternal law?

Why must we ask to receive these things?


READ D&C 42:59-60, 65-66

What is the relationship between obedience to eternal law and salvation?


READ D&C 42:78-93

What is the punishment for those who break the commandments?

What is the relationship between the Law of Consecration and the other Laws of God laid out here?


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