Sunday, November 29, 2020

The Pure Love of Christ (Moroni 7) QUESTIONS

 Good vs Evil


READ Moroni 7:1-4

What does it mean to have “obtained a sufficient hope by which ye can enter into the rest of the Lord”?

What is implied by the phrase “from this time henceforth until ye shall rest with Him in heaven”?

Why does Mormon think these church members have obtained this hope from Christ?


READ Moroni 7:5-10

Is it always true that those who “do” good “are” good?

Why can’t “evil” people be “good”?

How do the intents of one’s heart define what “counts” as good or evil?


READ Moroni 7:11-13

What is the definition of “good” and “evil” that Moroni is asserting here?

What is implied by the fact that both God and the devil “invite and entice” us to follow them?


READ Moroni 7:14-19

Why must we “take heed” or be cautious of not misjudging good and evil?

How might we think evil could be of God or that which is good to be of the devil?

What way to judge good from evil has the Lord given us and how is it used effectively?



Laying Hold of Every Good Thing


READ Moroni 7:20-21

What are “good things”?


READ Moroni 7:22-28

What is Christ’s role in enabling that we can receive every good thing?

What is our role in receiving every good thing?



Faith: Manifested by Receiving Angels and the Occurrence of Miracles


READ Moroni 7:29-34

What principles govern the ministering of angels?

What is the role of ministering angels?


READ Moroni 7:35-39

Why do people not receive the ministering of angels?

Does it matter if we don’t have angels appearing to us?

Why would people (and leaders) devalue spiritual gifts, miracles and the ministry of angels by enthroning standards of behavior and outward performances while discouraging the sharing of experiences associated with the power of Godliness?

Has God stopped sending angels to minister to men and women in our day?

What is a “chosen vessel” and who are the “residue”?

What must we do to receive the ministry of angels and have miracles (“supernatural spiritual experiences”) occur in our lives?



Hope in Christ


READ Moroni 7:40-44

What does it mean to “attain unto faith?”

What is hope?

Why must you have a hope to be able to attain unto faith?

How is such a hope gained?

Why must such a person be meek and lowly of heart?



Charity, the Pure Love of Christ


READ Moroni 7:45-48

What is charity?

What does it mean to say that charity "begins with and centers in and emanates from God?"

What does it mean that charity is a gift of the Spirit?

What does it mean to say that charity is a primary characteristic of the divine nature?

How is charity a prime indicator of our covenant relationship with Christ?

How does charity endure all things?

How do we receive the Gift of Charity?

What is the relationship between charity and hope?

How is the gift of charity manifested by mortals in this life?

Going back to Mormon’s question in verse 20, “how can we lay hold upon every good thing?”


Bentov: Objective and Subjective Time

READ Stalking the Wild Pendulum (StWP) page 59 “From grandfather clocks to wrist watches, all these clocks are supposed to chop up for us...