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Burying The Swords (Alma 23-29) QUESTIONS

The Anti-Nephi-Lehies

READ Alma 23:1-3
How might wicked traditions interfere with one’s ability to see others as brothers and sisters?

READ Alma 23:5-6
What can we make of the fact that none of these Lamanite converts ever fell away?

READ Alma 23:8-15 and Alma 24:29-30
Why in some Lamanite lands was almost everyone converted while in others almost none were?

READ Alma 24:5-6 and Alma 23:7
Why are their weapons of war called “weapons of rebellion” – who are they rebelling against?
Why would the converted Lamanites not defend themselves or even prepare for the ensuing Lamanite civil war?

READ Alma 24:7-11
What does it mean that it was “all they could do” to repent – how does one “repent sufficiently”?
What are the first steps in repentance that you see the Lamanites doing?
Why must we confess our sins?
What is the action of confession without the attitude of confession?

READ Alma 24:12-18
What must one do to repent after they have confessed their sins?
How can they repent of “all” their sins?
What is wrong with the idea of “checklist repentance”?
How can the Lamanites make Restitution for their “many murders”?
So what is the “attitude” required for truly forsaking one’s sins?
What is the action of forsaking without the attitude of forsaking?
How are the Lamanites showing the attitude of truly forsaking their sins?
Would the atonement not apply to the Lamanites any longer if they used their swords in self-defense?

READ Alma 24:19-27
Why do the people go out to meet the Lamanites – why not hide or run if they were not going to defend themselves?
What did the sacrifice of their lives accomplish?

READ Alma 25:1-2
Why do the unconverted Lamanites stop killing their brothers and turn on the Nephites and what insights can we gain?

Ammon Glories in the Lord

READ Alma 26:1-9
We usually think of blessings as good things that come to us, so why is it a “great blessing” to be an instrument in God’s hands?
Some commentaries suggest that the garner is the temple – is this true and if not, what is the “garner”?

READ Alma 26:10
What in Ammon’s exulting might have made Aaron think Ammon was boasting and why is Aaron so concerned about this?

READ Alma 26:11-16
Is there a danger in “boasting in the Lord”?

READ Alma 26:17-21
Did the sons of Mosiah deserve mercy or grace?
Why do you suppose that the Lord was so merciful to them instead of exercising justice upon them, as would have been “right”?
Then why is it so amazing to Ammon?

READ Alma 26:22
What are the mysteries of God?
Who has access to the mysteries of God?
What is the required work or steps that all must do to receive the mysteries of God?
What is the proof that this formula is valid?
So what does it mean to “repent” such that you qualify for receiving the mysteries of God?
So what does it mean to “exercise faith” such that you qualify for receiving the mysteries of God?
So what does it mean to “do good works” such that you qualify for receiving the mysteries of God?
So what does it mean to “pray” such that you qualify for receiving the mysteries of God?

READ Alma 26:23-26
Why did the Nephite Church members “laugh the sons of Mosiah to scorn” for going to the Lamanites to preach to them?
Who convinced the Lamanites of the incorrectness of their traditions and to repent?

READ Alma 26:27-30
When did the Lord comfort the missionaries?

READ Alma 26:35-37
What does it mean that the Lord is mindful of every people?
Is it true that “there never were men that had so great reason to rejoice” as the sons of Mosiah, “since the world began?”

READ Alma 27:17-18
What is the formula for receiving this “exceeding”, overwhelming level of joy?
What does it mean to be penitent?
How does one become penitent?
What does it mean to seek happiness?
How does one seek happiness?

READ Alma 27:27-29
Why did these Lamanites not look upon death with “any degree of terror” and were willing to suffer it in the most “distressing” manner?

Alma the Younger’s Wish

READ Alma 29:1-4
Why should we be content, in this life, with the things the Lord has allotted to us?
Why is it a sin to desire different circumstances?
What is the wish of Alma’s heart?
Does the Lord grant wishes and if so, unto who?
Has Alma qualified?
Did the Lord grant Alma’s wish?

READ Alma 29:5
How does the Lord grant everyone’s desires?

READ Alma 29:9
What has the Lord commanded Alma to do?

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