Sunday, May 24, 2020

Church and State (Mosiah 29-Alma 4) QUESTIONS


Mosiah’s sons, the princes, are all leaving Zarahemla to serve missions to the Lamanites leaving King Mosiah without an heir. 

READ Mosiah 29:11-17, 21-23
Why is monarchy the best and worst form of government?

READ Mosiah 29:25-34
Is government by the voice of the people the fairest form of government?  Is it the safest?
Is Mosiah recommending the Nephites adopt a democracy or republic?
Did the transition from kings to judges increase anyone’s agency?
Skipping ahead to the end of the Book of Mormon, why didn’t the Nephites’ story end well for them?
Would the Nephites have been in a better situation at the end of the Book of Mormon if they had retained monarchy, like the Lamanites did?

When King Mosiah died, Alma the Younger was appointed the Chief Judge, by the voice of the people…

READ Alma 2:2-7
Are contentions and dispute among the people “wonderful”?

READ Alma 2:8-10
Which people is Amlici seeking to subjugate by going to war?
Did the principle of democracy or appointing by the voice of the people work in this case?

READ Mosiah 29:42
Why did the people appoint Alma the Younger to be the first Chief Judge, when he was already the High Priest; wouldn’t this conflate “church and state” giving this man even more power than a king?
Is this idea of “benefactors” a purely political institution or does it also cross over into matters of religion and spiritual life and what does it look like there?


READ Alma 1:2-6, Alma 15:15, and Alma 21:4, 6-8
What is Nehor's doctrine and what is its affect?
What is the implication of Nehor’s doctrine of believing that God will save us but not believing that a Son of God will be the instrument through which God saves us?

READ Alma 1:12, 16, 19-24 and 2 Nephi 26:29
What is priestcraft?
Why would enforced priestcraft be the cause of the entire destruction of the Nephites?

READ Alma 1:25-28
What are the four things that distinguish this Church?

READ Alma 1:29-30
What happened when the Church members got "exceedingly rich"?

Four years and a bloody civil war later…

READ Alma 4:6-12
What happened when the Church members got "exceedingly rich"?
How would you explain the four-year difference – because in both circumstances the Church members became "exceedingly rich" but they reacted differently to the wealth - why?
How do these members of the Church fall into apostasy?

READ Alma 4:19-20
What can be done to reclaim these Church members?

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